Women Must Marry, Settle, So They Stop Voting Democrats: Jesse Watters

Single women need to get married and “settle down” in order for them to stop voting for Democrats, Fox News anchor Jesse Watters incredibly urged on national television Thursday.

“Single women and voters under 40 have been ‘captured’ by the Democrats,” Watters lamented after the disappointing GOP midterm elections.

“We need these ladies to get married. It’s time to fall in love and just settle down. Guys, put a ring on it,” he urged.

The Fox chyron at the bottom of the screen, as Watters shared his wisdom, warned, “Young, single women are overwhelmingly voting Dem.”

The Fox numbers claimed that while 68% of unmarried women voted Democrat (and 31% Republican), only 42% of married women voted Democrat (with 56% voting Republican).

A majority of other polls over the years have shown that a majority of women overall tend to vote democratically.

Women also vote a higher percentage than men. CNN mid-election polls showed that women accounted for 52% of voters and men for just 48%. That means women would have cast more than 60 million of the estimated 116 million votes. According to Exit Polls, 53% of these women voted Democrats.

The situation is more dramatic now, with restrictions on abortion and possibly soon even the right to contraception.

It wasn’t just “the economy, fool” — it was abortion,” noted the Brookings Institute in its post-mortem observation of the midterm election. The report states that registration of female voters in many states has been restricted following the Supreme Court decision in which Roe v. Wade was sunk has risen sharply.

As for Watter’s own married life, earlier this year he shared a chilling story on Fox about how he purposely let air out of the tires of his lover Emma DeGiovine’s car, who was his show’s producer, so he could offer her a ride. She jumped right in. “It worked like a charm,” he enthused.

Watters was at the time married to his first wife, Noelle Inguagiato, who was filing for divorce because of DeGiovine. Watters later married DeGiovine.

Twitter critics had some concerns about Watters’ ideas for “calming down” women.

This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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