Virtuoso video from Montreal sparks hype for new Metal Gear Solid project

Virtuous Montreala Canada-based development studio, recently uploaded a video to its official YouTube channel where some fans are sure they’re working on one Solid metal gear Project. This is thanks to some clues in this video, as well as previous reports claiming a partnership between them and Konami.

The first big clue comes about 72 seconds into the video, when fans spotted a lamp sitting on concept artist Louis-Alex Boismenu’s desk. It’s not a center image, but it’s clearly visible and a quirky book to keep in mind for an official video.

Watch the trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension here!

But hey, who cares about that alone!? Why wouldn’t an artist have a copy of The Art of Metal Gear Solid on their desk? It is apparently a good book and as an artist it is not impossible that Boismenu would own it. However, this becomes a bit more suspicious when we look at VGC’s 2021 coverage of Konami reviving some of their IPs.

This article contains claims from anonymous sources that spoke about how the Japanese company was looking to revive a number of its popular series, including Metal Gear, Silent Hill, and Castlevania. They were told firsthand that Virtuos was directing the project and that it would be a game centered on fan-favorite Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

The same article, as well as previous VGC reports, claimed that several Silent Hill games are in development. That turned out to be true, as we saw during the recent announcement stream that revealed a remake of Silent Hill 2, Silent Hill Townfall, as well as Silent Hill: Ascension.

Those two big jigsaw pieces seem to be enough to convince some that the rumors are true, and stepping in with a little personal opinion here seems a bit too obvious to just be a mistake. If it was a book on a man’s desk in a studio shot, that’s one thing. But intentionally leaving the book inshot, plus the previous reports, leaves it virtually confirmed.

But what do you think? If Virtuos made a new Metal Gear, would you be interested in playing it? Or is it just not the same without Kojima? Let us know below! Virtuoso video from Montreal sparks hype for new Metal Gear Solid project

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