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Victoria 3 is the third game in the Victoria Series set in the 19th century that lets the player take control of any society they want to grow and make it prosper. The game’s economy and diplomacy mechanics attract many players to the game.

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There are many players who can jump right into the game and be able to pick it up and play it. However, there are still many players who may not be able to play it as easily as others and may need to know some mistakes that many players make.


7/7 Expand too fast

Expanding the player’s empire may sound tempting at first, regardless of the resources a player must use. After all, with more land, the player can gather more resources, right?

This is not something a player should follow in their mindset. However, if a player starts out in a good position to conquer through neighbors (whether by conquering their lands or by forming an alliance with them), it would be a good idea for a player of Victoria 3 expand – but not to quickly.

6/7 afraid of debt

Many gamers who have played RTS games or other city building games may be afraid of going into debt as it is something a gamer has to pay back and worry about. However, in the game Victoria 3Getting into debt is not really a bad fate.

Surprisingly, a player can also replenish their gold reserves. It would be best for the player to keep spending the gold as it comes in rather than hoarding it all, in addition to being able to borrow money from other nearby populations.

5/7 Don’t think through research

A player can start researching all sorts of things – like new methods of crafting new goods, or ways to build faster and cheaper. However, the tree of things is to be explored Victoria 3 is huge and it’s easy for a player to get lost or confused.

There will also be a lot of materials that a player needs to bring into their research. If a player cannot afford to research a particular spot right away, it is best to wait.

4/7 Don’t learn about pops or merchandise

Pops will be something that is a player of the game Victoria 3 have to learn if they want to be successful. Essentially, Pops is short for Population, and they all act as representations of the people living in the player’s nation.

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However, commodities are also essential to a player’s gameplay as they keep the pops going for a while. It would be crucial for a player to understand both pops and commodities, otherwise there will be catastrophic failures in their gameplay.

3/7 Trying to play the market fairly

One of the main advantages of Victoria 3 Gameplay is the economy that makes the game as realistic as possible. As such, there will be many players who will at least try to play the market fairly, which would not be beneficial to a player.

A player should definitely manipulate the market at every possible point to make more money. This can be accomplished by confusing the supply and demand of certain resources and goods, or by decreasing the value of resources used by neighboring factions, and so on.

2/7 Manually upgrading resource buildings

There will be all kinds of resource buildings that a player will construct and acquire while playing the game Victoria 3. You can upgrade these buildings at certain points to produce more goods for your nation.

A mistake many players make is forgetting to set these buildings to auto-upgrade first to ensure they receive more resources. However, as more resource buildings are unlocked, it would be a good idea for a player to manually upgrade their buildings to ensure they don’t expand too quickly.

1/7 don’t learn politics

Politics is an incredibly important area for a player to take care of – in fact, it can be one of the most important parts of each country in the game Victoria 3. All 3 types of politics (government, laws and institutions) will be important for a player to learn and understand.

A player wants to make sure they remain as legit as possible in the game. If it drops to zero, a player doesn’t change their government. However, a player can manipulate all kinds of interest groups in their favor to increase legitimacy.

Victoria 3 is available for macOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.

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