VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast – Episode 25: The Best Game Featuring a Welsh Actor

Michael Sheen is good, isn’t he?

Welcome to VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast: Episode 25 – The Best Game Featuring a Welsh Actor.

Please let us know what you think of the show – and if this is your first time listening to the show, come back to listen to previous episodes. If you have any topic suggestions we’d love to hear them because we’re just picking countries and working with them now.

“What’s VG247’s best gaming podcast of all time?” you ask? Well, it’s essentially a 30-minute panel show where people (Jim Trinca and staff) vote on the best game in a given category. That’s it. It’s good. Listen to it. We have some details on the show’s content below, and we also have a fan-made artist rendering of Chris Bratt inspecting Cardiff Castle’s Roman wall. (Support friends of VG247, People Make Games, on Patreon).

Chris Bratt in Cardiff looks towards a wall

The best play with a Welsh actor

That is the subject of episode 25 of this podcast. Here’s a rundown of who picked what.

Tom-Planet Zoo

Look I was very ill when we recorded this and I got absolutely no thanks for being a hero and going on just so we could deliver a good podcast – as opposed to the horrible one that happened when I wasn’t here and Jim was left charging.

Alex – Elden Ring

I’m Alex, so no matter what I choose, I’ll win. Anyway, I went for the big obvious choice because my head is mostly filled with JRPG combat strategies and arcade taxis that I want to ship from Japan on a big boat. Elden Ring has plenty of Welsh in it.

Connor-Total War Warhammer 2

Full disclosure, I couldn’t think of a single Welsh actor for this podcast until the last minute. But a quick Googling and reading through the list of valid picks brought me a choice that was so good I had to take it. A right combination of a great Welsh actor and a great game. Ivan Rheon in Total War Warhammer 2.

Ivan Rheon is great. You’re best known for your performance as Ramsey Bolton in Game of Thrones, where you play an antagonistic human-skinned ambitious son who literally feeds a baby to dogs to rack up those bad boy points. However, I first knew her from Misfits, a British comedy about a bunch of juvenile delinquents who gain superpowers. I’m sure he did other stuff but that’s all I knew of him and that was enough to justify him as my choice.

As for Total War Warhammer 2, I mean what a cracker. It’s this incredibly huge CRPG in which you take control of various fantastic factions and attempt to lay claim to the world through conquest, diplomacy and grand ancient spells. Iwan Rheon’s character, Beastlord Rakarth, is a ferocious Dark Elf warlord who travels the world amassing a growing circus of dangerous beasts that he can use in battle to run down any army he has a problem with. He’s also an idiot and basically an unsubtle step up for Ivan’s role in Game of Thrones, but it fits damn well with Warhammer so nobody really cared.

It’s even playable in Total War Warhammer 3 and an even bigger game with more races and countries to explore but I didn’t pick it as I don’t think it’s as good as 2 yet. Great game nonetheless with a great Welsh actor, who does a great job. In the past, I’ve been accused of wiggling (or just missing the point) on the podcast question. But I certainly made it with this one.

Come back in a week for another exciting installment of VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast. VG247’s Best Games Ever Podcast – Episode 25: The Best Game Featuring a Welsh Actor

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