Trump Org suddenly settles down with protesters being beaten up by his security forces

Leonardo Munoz/Getty

Leonardo Munoz/Getty

Deluged with lawsuits and ongoing lawsuits, the Trump Organization on Wednesday chose to settle with anti-MAGA protesters who were beaten up by company security guards outside Trump Tower in 2015 rather than try to convince a Bronx jury.

After three days of struggling to find jurors who don’t already have strong feelings for former President Donald Trump and his eponymous company — a difficult proposition in liberal New York City — defense attorneys settled on a last-minute settlement.

Minutes after Judge Andrew Cohen sent would-be jurors out for lunch at noon, attorneys from the Trump Organization approached the protesters filing the lawsuit and handed them a stack of papers, which they quietly signed.

Efrain Galicia, the lead plaintiff, signed the agreement along with Florencia Tejeda Perez, Miguel Villalobos and Norberto Garcia.

“The parties all agree that the plaintiffs in the lawsuit and all people have the right to peacefully protest on public sidewalks,” the agreement reads.

The criminal trial against the Trump Organization begins with a big task

Alina Habba, who represents the Trump Organization, declined to discuss the terms of the settlement. She signed the contract at 12:32 p.m

Benjamin Dictor, representing the protesters, said: “The matter has been resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”

The Bronx — a diverse, working-class borough known for its no-nonsense street clothes — is famous for how grand juries there often award inflated prices to plaintiffs, especially when punishing corporations and the wealthy.

As legal writer Victoria Bekiempis recently explained on twitterCivil rights attorneys have described the Bronx jurors’ “robinhoodism” and the way they “take from the rich and give to the rest of us.”

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