Trevor Noah knows how Elon Musk can make Twitter profitable

The daily News and its host Trevor Noah dropped his second of four live recordings from the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia on Thursday night. And during his monologue, delivered like a stand-up comedy set, Noah – who is leaving the political satire series later this year – focused his attention on the Twitter acquisition of edgelord and aspiring comedian Elon Musk’s worth $44 billion.

Calling Musk “the guy who always looks like a ghost, Halloween or not,” Noah explained, “For months Musk has been saying he wants to own Twitter. And the reason he wanted to own Twitter is because he wanted to make sure it was a haven for free speech… because let’s face it: Up until now, people have really held back on Twitter. I keep scrolling and thinking what are you doing Yes, really think? Why are you so reserved, sir?!”

Noah then referenced reports that within the first 12 hours of Musk’s Twitter ownership, use of the N-word on Twitter skyrocketed by almost 500% as racist trolls, emboldened by Musk’s takeover, giddy-todled the boundaries of what they could say.

After a chorus of loud boos from the crowd, Noah said, “You don’t know! Who knows what it is? It could be racist, yes. It could be….[People] Feel free and feel encouraged to say it now. Or it could be black people watching Elon take over, like, ‘This n—-.’”

“He’s going crazy,” Noah continued of Musk. “Here is my question. I really want to know. Why is it always like this when the people of free speech – all these people who are like that We want freedom of expression!– why would they never want to use their free speech to say words like “wander” or “fainthearted”. There’s no such thing, did you notice? They say, “We want freedom of speech! We want freedom of expression!’ OK, what are you trying to say? ‘N*****.’ How really? All the things that could have been said in the world. Every word! Everything you could have talked about, all the subjects, what do you want to say? Any other word? ‘Um… N****s?’ It feels like he doesn’t want freedom of speech, you just want to hate people.”

Noah then addressed Musk’s announcement that he would be charging Twitter users $8 a month for a blue verification tick.

“Because I guess he’s hoping everyone else on Twitter is making terrible financial decisions like he is,” Noah snapped. “For eight bucks a month, you can subscribe to Netflix, you can get Paramount+, you can get Hulu… or you can pay for people to check if they’re really shitting.” she.”

Then there was the reason Musk gave: “Twitter’s current Lords & Peasants system of who has a blue tick and who doesn’t is bullshit. power to the people! Blue for $8/month.”

“So here’s my question: If you’re trying to create equality on Twitter, why are you requiring someone to be verified? Then just give them all a blue tick. Why do you charge people?” asked Noah. “It doesn’t make sense to offer it as ‘sameness’ and then put a price on it, you know what I mean? Can you imagine if MLK was out there like this: ‘I have a dream. I have a dream… and I’ll tell you all about it for $8.99 a month.” It wouldn’t be the same.”

“It’s all about ‘equality’. No, you’re trying to make money. I understand,” he continued. “I think this $8 a month thing is ridiculous. If you ask me if Elon Musk wants to make money from Twitter, what should he do [is], charge no fees for blue ticks. Challenge white people to say the N-word. Twitter will be the most profitable company in history. Racists will take out loans.” Trevor Noah knows how Elon Musk can make Twitter profitable

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