Things about Dick Grayson The series changes from the comics

While Titans Now entering its fourth season and garnering a large following that appreciates this new, darker take on many of the younger and lesser-known characters from the DC Comics mythos, there have been many questionable changes to the characters in the series from their original comic -incarnations.

See also: Extremely Manipulative DC HeroesDick Grayson or Nightwing is in many ways one of the most drastically changed. His comic book counterpart is very different from the character who wielded it Titans Crew on the TV show since the show began in 2018.


6/6 The Nightwing Mantle

After Dick Grayson finally entered Titans From the Robin cloak he went to prison and after talking to his cellmate found a new cloak in Nightwing. The cellmate spoke of a legend from his village, a figure named Alazul who swooped down in the form of a bird to save people. While Dick found this odd, he later helped his cellmate out of prison and was inspired to create the Nightwing personality.

In the comics, the Nightwing cloak was inspired by Dick Grayson’s need to distance himself from Batman growing up, and the story he was told that inspired him was actually of Superman. A Kryptonian legend fueled Dick’s desire to create something new, and the Nightwing cloak was born from his inspirations from two of DC’s most iconic heroes. That Titans Version was definitely a more complicated story, but it would have been difficult to bring Superman onto the show to suddenly inspire him in this way.

5/6 his fighting style

in the Titans, Dick Grayson is portrayed as a brutal thug whose violent tendencies give his personality many edges and make him more reminiscent of other Robin characters from the comics. This combative style and darker personality has been criticized by fans of the show as being unfaithful to the comic book version of the character.

See also: The strongest DC characters not in the DCEUIn comparison, Dick Grayson was raised as an acrobat in the comics and his fighting style maintained that gymnastic ability. He was also a very controlled hero and has never had such a brutal period where his personality morphed into such an anti-heroic place as much of it is shown Titans.

4/6 His leadership skills

Dick has grown over time Titans Show that you are a better leader for the team. But especially in Season 1, fans were irritated by the number of times he left the team, yelled at them, and generally made them uncomfortable. This is once again a reference to the personality changes the show entailed when it was first released from its comic book counterpart.

But from his first leadership role as head of the Teen Titans In 1964, Dick was always a fine and admirable leader in the comics. In both comics and shows, since Dick is one of the less powerful beings on the team, a significant aspect of his membership is that he is the leader of the team. Originally, the show’s version of Dick as the leader of the team didn’t make much sense, he didn’t even seem to like most of his team.

3/6 His relationship with Batman

Dick Grayson was taken under Batman’s wing as his ward after being orphaned. He then became Robin, the Boy Wonder and was Batman’s sidekick for many years. All of this happened in both DC Comics and the Titans Show. However, what happens after he grows up and moves on is very different.

in the Titans, Dick has violently estranged himself from Bruce Wayne, blaming him for his own violent ways and lack of control. In the comics, Dick and Bruce’s relationship was always close, even when they fought. Bruce truly considered Dick his own son and Dick did not blame Bruce for the way he raised him.

2/6 His secret identity

When Dick moved out of Gotham and became a cop in the comics, he also took on the role of Nightwing at the same time. In Titans, these events take place at completely different times, and he’s still Robin when he becomes a Detroit cop.

After abandoning the Robin persona in season one, Dick fights crime primarily as himself and is not afraid to show up at crime scenes in his civilian clothes. It took over a season for him to get the Nightwing persona together, and during that time he didn’t care at all that criminals knew his true name. In DC Comics, Dick Grayson has always carefully guarded his identity, taking inspiration from his mentor, Batman, who (almost) always did the same.

1/6 An example

The biggest overall change that Titans What makes Dick Grayson’s character on the show is his standing in the DC Universe. In the comics, other heroes look to him as a role model since he is one of the first “second generation” heroes, many members of teams like that Teen Titans and the Outsiders took their cue from him and looked up to him as a role model.

Between the changes the show has made to his brutality towards criminals, his brusqueness towards other team members, and even his initial reluctance to even be a hero, other heroes don’t seem to look up to him even a bit. He’s not a good role model, and while he grows into a more respected character over the seasons, this significant change shifted his character’s entire direction and arc from the start Titans.

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