The View explodes over Sunny Hostin’s “Roaches” comment about white women

The view kicked off Election Day 2022 with hosts Sunny Hostin and Alyssa Farah Griffin repeatedly bickering over the former’s recent comment that white women who support Republicans “are like roaches voting for Raid.”

Last week, Hostin sparked backlash from conservatives when she expressed frustration with recent polls showing suburban women are being attracted to GOP candidates in the midterm elections — despite the Supreme Court recently overturning federal abortion rights Has.

“I read a poll just yesterday that white suburban Republican women will now vote Republican,” Hostin said Thursday. “It’s almost like cockroaches voting for Raid.” At the time, Griffin called Hostin’s comments “insulting” to voters.

Hostin’s comments not only sparked the predictable outrage from Fox News and right-wing media, but also led to the former outlook Conservative host Meghan McCain writes an op-ed complaining that Conservative women “are labeled ‘roaches’ and ‘Nazis’ for putting their best judgment above the orders of the Democrats and the liberal media.” (Since her dramatic departure from the show after a bitter four-year run, McCain has repeatedly trashed the show and her exes, claiming she was “bullied” during her tenure.)

Leading the broadcast of ABC’s Chatfest on Tuesday, Griffin — a former Trump White House adviser who has assumed McCain’s old role on the show — said she was concerned that “a section of the far left has become so negative.” , as for their rhetoric about conservatives .

After Hostin fired back that “the extreme left has not stormed the Capitol,” Griffin brought up her colleague’s recent remarks. “Last week you called white Republican women roaches,” the conservative co-host explained. “You said they acted like cockroaches.”

After Hostin insisted that wasn’t the case, the two began arguing, prompting host and longtime show umpire Whoopi Goldberg to step in.

“I’m going to ask you all the following,” Goldberg called out to the two of them. “That’s what I’m going to ask of you! I’ll ask you to turn it down a little because I can’t hear anything. Nobody can hear what we say.”

After Goldberg briefly restored order, Hostin defended her settlement by first stating that her mother was white and claiming she “won’t say” white women were bugs.

“Second, what I used was a metaphor, actually more of a simile,” she said. “I said white Republicans — I just read a poll that suburbanites are now voting Republican, it’s like cockroaches voting for Raid.”

Hostin added amid the crosstalk, “Let me finish. That was John Leguizamo’s joke, a joke I used on this show a few weeks ago referring to Latinos and nobody had anything to say about it. The last thing I’m going to say is I’ll continue by saying, “Will they be in Gilead? [from The Handmaid’s Tale]? Do you want to lose your rights?’ You are actually distorting what I said.”

However, Griffin continued to interject, telling Hostin she wanted to “make you reconsider” because “you said so.” The pair again debated whether she was directly comparing white women to cockroaches.

“We will break! I can’t take it,” a frustrated Goldberg finally interjected, throwing the show on commercials.

However, Griffin found the following segment to be a bit like a my faulta to Hostin when clarifying her own position.

“I misquoted Sunny, I think she clarified what she said: It was a simile, it was an analogy, it didn’t say white Republican women are bugs,” Griffin said. “I think the point I wanted to make is part of the left — not all, some of my best friends worked for Barack Obama, I love a lot of Democrats — but some leftists have such a negative attitude towards people who are the see things differently.” The View explodes over Sunny Hostin’s “Roaches” comment about white women

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