The Super Mario Bros. movie could kickstart a Super Smash Bros. cinematic universe

Between the coming Super Mario Bros. Movie and the continued success of Sonic the Hedgehog adjustments, it seems more likely that Nintendo could announce one Super Smash Bros. Cinema universe is underway. While the idea of ​​a broad crossover cinematic universe isn’t new, the success of Marvel’s avenger film has prompted every major player in the entertainment scene to attempt to set up their own properties. While DC Comics is the obvious example, there are other weird instances like Universal Pictures’ Dark Universe or The incantation‘s expanded universe.


Recent video game film adaptations have had increasing success, despite a rocky history of previous attempts. Nintendo is not just at the door Super Mario Bros. Movie, It also has several animated and even live action Pokemon Films to draw from, as well as a longstanding relationship with Sega to negotiate Sonic’s involvement. With this in mind, Nintendo has the potential to create its own cinematic universe to rival rivals like the MCU through a Super Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe.

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Nintendo’s growing interest in film adaptations

While Super Mario Bros. Movie will be his “first”, Nintendo has already confirmed plans to gradually expand with other flagship franchises in various interviews and copyrights for future films. Provided great Mario‘s new adventure is more successful on the big screen than his live-action attempt in 1993, this could prove to be more than just a single lucrative venture for Nintendo. Furthermore Super Mariomany fans hope that the likes The Legend Of Zelda, Metroid, and fire sign will receive the same treatment.

While it might take time, it seems inevitable that Nintendo might reach a point where it will have multiple gaming franchises with movie adaptations and, as a result, will have its own cinematic universe – official or not. It seems unlikely that Nintendo wouldn’t try to capitalize on it if Super Smash Bros. is as prominent and popular as Super Mario or The Legend of Zelda. Super Smash Bros. easily compared to the Avengers or Justice League, all of which bring distinctive characters together for a team effort.

Super Smash Bros. is more than Mario and Sonic

The beginning of a Super Smash Bros. Cinematic Universe already has a strong foundation, with Sonic the Hedgehog Confirming his third live-action installment and the Super Mario Bros. Movie Release is planned for 2023. These two franchises alone arguably represent a core part of gaming history that many fans can relate to, as they act as mascots for Sega and Nintendo, respectively. Although the two companies would have to negotiate how they would share ownership of a Super Smash Bros. Film, it remains possible as they have already established a working partnership for the games.

While this covers a significant number of characters throughout Game Roster, including Princess Peach, Bowser or Luigi appearing in the Super Mario Bros. Moviethe two franchises alone may not be enough to kickstart one Super Smash Bros. Movie. Hopefully several other film adaptations would have been introduced to add to the list, possibly drawing from pre-existing films and then using the crossover to reveal future projects. For example, Detective Pikachu could deliver his titular lead instead of restarting a Pokemon film series, while Nintendo could tease the future fire sign Projects that already feature many characters Super Smash Bros.

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