The Russian state media has blasted the results of the US midterm elections

The United States midterm elections were a hot topic in Moscow. Convinced that the “red wave” was coming, Russian propagandists rushed to boast of the hoped-for landslide victory that would secure Republican majorities in Congress and the Senate.

On Tuesday, Russia’s Tucker Carlson, top propagandist Vladimir Solovyov, greeted his audience By wishing them a “happy meddling in the US election day”. Yevgeny Prigozhin, known as “Putin’s cook,” who was charged as part of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian electoral interference, also decided to publicly answer the allegations, which he had previously denied.

This plan to discredit the US election and convince Republicans that the powerful Kremlin hand had secretly guided them to victory had backfired. On Wednesday, State TV propagandists scratched their heads over what turned out to be just a trickle. During the broadcast of 60 minutesYour host Olga Skabeeva asked an expert: “How are our boys in America?” Political scientist Vladimir Kornilov clarified with a smile: “Our Republicans.”

Dmitry Abzalov, director of the Center for Strategic Communications, noted that the result turned out to be very different from the predictions: “Even the Democrats predicted the red wave that will mow down everything, but it turned out to be quite modest.” The political scientist Vladimir Kornilov said: “The Democrats’ worst fears are now behind them. They easily won the states they were most concerned about. “

co-host of 60 minutes Evgeny Popov surmised, “There was no Republican triumph or tsunami…Trump is already calling on Americans to protest ballot filling and not allow his opponents to disrupt the election.”

Russian state television’s coverage focused on baseless allegations about various issues reportedly plaguing the US election, with footage of Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake and former US President Donald J. Trump striving complained that polling stations were “running out of paper”. and experience various mishaps.

Skabeeva shouted: “Come out [in the streets], American! You are being lied to! Noting that at least January should be “fun,” Abzalov predicted Republicans would seek to impeach US President Joe Biden. Skabeeva complained: “They will charge, but will not be able to overthrow him. We’ve seen it follow up with our friend, our comrade Donald – and it happens more than once. “

Skabeeva continued, “We’re constantly worried about our guys, their results should have been better… Apparently, there won’t be a landslide victory for the Republicans in Congress… Still, Donald Trump plans to celebrate — it’s not.” It’s not entirely clear what there is to celebrate.”

During the broadcast of a state TV show Who is against?, The host, Dmitry Kulikov, noted: “The triumph of the Republicans did not happen … After these results, can Trump remain the leader of his party? That’s questionable… [Ron] DeSantis is rising, Trump will obviously challenge him. The main battles will take place within the Republic camp.”

Politics editor Maxim Yusin agreed: “Republicans did a lot worse yesterday than everyone predicted… It’s the Trump factor, it’s clearly his fault. He interfered too openly in this election campaign and pushed away those who stood on the fence with his vile manner. Against this background, the star of DeSantis rises. He is only 44 years old. As we can see from his last name, he’s of Hispanic descent — and Latino voters are on the rise. Latinos voted for him in Florida.”

Yusin noted that DeSantis is similar to Trump in his conservative agenda and, as a bonus, possesses none of Trump’s “oddities” that “turn people off.” He said Democrats secretly want Trump to run for president and speculated they would drop all legal action to further the run of their favorite “sparring partner.”

“Things are difficult.”

The guest predicted that if DeSantis is nominated, Republicans would win the presidential election and take the majority. Kulikov agreed that Trump’s involvement made fighting easier for his opponents: “The Democrats are clinging because of their hysteria about losing democracy to fascism on the other side. It played a big role. Trump allowed them to lean on that and base their approach on him as a fascist specimen. The Democrats’ campaign, centered on rescuing democracy from this monstrosity, has proved very productive. “

In addition to Russia’s mounting disappointments in the United States’ election campaigns, their invasion of Ukraine is growing worse. During the broadcast on Tuesday from 60 minutes, The host Olga Skabeeva said, “Things are difficult. Still, we have to win alone – it’s official. The Republicans can hardly help us keep the Kherson region or the city of Kherson.” Russian troops withdrew from the area on Wednesday.

The host, Vladimir Solovyov, began broadcasting on Wednesday The evening with Vladimir Solovyov Noting grimly, “We have a very different program planned tonight. We wanted to talk about American elections, but then we got the message from Kherson.”

Still, everything is connected in the minds of Kremlin propagandists. Solovyov speculated that if the withdrawal had been announced just a day earlier it might have helped Biden and the Democrats: “[The withdrawal] was announced after November 8 on November 9 so it would not affect the US election.” The Russian state media has blasted the results of the US midterm elections

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