The most ruthless characters of the series

final fantasy is one of the longest-running video game franchises of all time and is hugely successful. This is due to the franchise’s ability to adapt to the market, but more importantly, they’ve always focused on the fundamentals, core gameplay, story, and goods of a story without hating anyone. final fantasy has a long and storied villain ensemble featuring a variety of tragic, flawed villains that players feel sorry for, your ordinary evil kings or CEOs, terrifying otherworldly deities, and insane monsters.

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This list won’t go beyond how likable a character was or how much their plot made sense. All that matters is how brutal, ruthless, and downright wild these guys were. Determined and persistent, these villains will stop at nothing to get what they want.


8/8 Vayne Carudas-Final Fantasy 12

The great evil of Final Fantasy 12 was ruthless in the truest sense of the word. He stopped at nothing to fulfill his ambitions. At his father’s behest, he ruthlessly killed his two older brothers and used the uprisings in Nabradia as a pretext to invade the region.

Through political maneuvering he finds himself as a lawyer. When Vayne’s father removed him from that post, he found himself dead in the throne room and the accused perpetrator conveniently took his own life. Obviously, Vayne would stop at nothing to see his plans come to fruition. Vayne’s schemes were pretty commonplace when it came to villains, but the way he carried them out showed his tenacity, while not a memorable villain per se, he was undeniably ruthless.

7/8 Ultimecia-Final Fantasy 8

The sorceress off final fantasy 8 wants to compress all time and space to make himself a living deity – sounds easy enough. To do this, she first kills President Deling and throws his body aside like a shell. She is cruel and conceited, as her subsequent speech makes clear.

Ultimecia wants to make herself the center of the universe, with nothing else worthy of living without her. While her hatefulness is obvious, her character is not fleshed out at all, leaving a lot open to player interpretation. However, her most described scene above shows her brutality.

6/8 Delita – Final Fantasy Tactics

This can be seen as a controversial choice; but his actions speak for themselves, despite all sincere intentions. Delita makes a habit of manipulating Ramza, among others, to carry out his orders.

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Throughout the second act of the game, he does whatever he pleases and hurts whoever he pleases, all in pursuit of a higher just end. Finally, let’s not forget how he mercilessly stabbed Princess Ovelia. Delita is an exceptionally well-written character, but he’s a brutal menace.

5/8 Kuja-Final Fantasy 9

The main villain of final fantasy 9 is a crazed warmonger who hides behind his silver tongue and never-ending love of metaphor. This selfish wizard’s slow descent into madness is perfectly written in a way that makes audiences sympathize with him, and some even consider him an anti-hero.

However, Kuja keeps showing his nefarious intentions and at the end of the day his actions can be boiled down to that; the world need not exist if kuja does not thrive in it. Kuja was the catalyst for several wars and directly responsible for the mass genocide. He burned down and completely destroyed Alexandria to further his own cause and become master of ‘Terra’ and ‘Gaia’.

4/8 Sephiroth-Final Fantasy 7

Sephiroth is one of the most iconic characters in all of gaming. He’s also an absolutely ruthless, brutal villain. While a lot of players feel sorry for him and blame some of the blame for his actions elsewhere, at the end of the day he did them. While Sephiroth’s backstory is in there Crisis Core: Final Fantasy are tragic, particularly his relationships with Angeal and Genesis, but that doesn’t detract from his impressive brutality. He hurls everyone in his path at Shinra HQ to save Jenova. Consequently he burns the whole town of Nibelheim. Sephiroth kills Tifa’s father and constantly manipulates the cloud throughout the story of Final Fantasy 7. Most importantly, let’s not forget how he impaled Aerith.

That overview above doesn’t even delve into his actual plans and what he’s doing to achieve them. Sephiroth is by far one of the best written characters in Final Fantasy, but he’s as ruthless as they come and no amount of manipulation by Shinra or Hojo changes that.

3/8 Professor Hojo-Final Fantasy 7

Professor Hojo is the mastermind behind the Genova Project and is linked to every antagonist in it Final Fantasy 7. For him, only the success of his scientific theories counts, everything else is just a price to be paid. Hojo manipulates Sephiroth, leading to the Nibelheim Crisis, and later injects samples of Sephiroth’s genetic material into the survivors to further his hypothesis.

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Hojo is sadistic and doesn’t care how much destruction he causes when pursuing his goals, in a way the terror he causes, and his own ruthlessness is quite underestimated as it mostly stays in the background, which is why he’s one of the most ruthless villains is in the franchise that works maliciously in the dark.

2/8 Emet Selch – Final Fantasy 14

Emet-Selch is one of several antagonists in Final Fantasy 14 and definitely the most popular. Slech probably has the most lore and backstory surrounding him of any character on this list in Final Fantasy 14 Stormblood He reveals that he only built the Garlean Empire to cause chaos and bring about another disaster, planning a civil war after the death of his previous ship as a means to that end.

Emet-Selch’s ruthlessness is illustrated by the fact that he did not consider killing humans to be murder since they were “lesser beings” and his mass genocidal actions were therefore all carried out ruthlessly. A tragic character, scarred by loss and grief and driven by revenge, Selch remains one of the series’ most beloved characters, but his end goal is harrowing.

1/8 Kefka Palazzo – Final Fantasy 6

Kefka is the most terrifying and ruthless villain in the series. This mass-murdering harlequin did indeed achieve his ultimate goal, at least for a time, essentially destroying the world in a massive cataclysm, killing millions and ruling over their decayed remains. Kefka’s actions resulted in the deaths of several key story characters, and he left a cult in its glory. He’s one of the few characters mentioned here without morally gray areas—highs are all evil.

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