The most famous bears in anime

There are so many fantastic and magical animals in the world of anime. Some of these creatures are inspired by legends and old folk tales, while others are pure imagination. Anime fans have been able to meet many of the cutest and strongest animals in anime over the decades, including some of the most unforgettable anime bears.

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Just like the best anime cats, bears in anime can be tiny and cute, gigantic and brave warriors, cafe owners, or even the most sneaky and ruthless anime killers of all time. While some of these anime bears are anthropomorphic and can do almost anything humans can do, there are also truly magical fan-favorite anime bears that use their magical powers to protect humans at all costs.


7/7 Genko-Kobato

Genko is one of the grumpiest anime bears that was once human. He was a fierce warrior who violated the Non-Aggression Pact by helping Ioryogi start a war that resulted in his being forced into a bear form. He also has to run the bear’s baumkuchen shop, where he often fights with his customers when they annoy him.

kobato is one of the most underrated anime shows with charming characters and a feel-good story. This happy romantic anime anime series follows the story of a young girl named Kobato who embarks on a magical and happy adventure to fill a magic bottle with people’s healed hearts so that she can fulfill her own wish.

6/7 Lance – Dokidoki! PreCure

Lance is one of the smallest, cutest, and most iconic bears in anime. This powerful fairy mascot can fly and not only helps Alice transform, but can eventually transform into a human. While Lance is spoiled and goofy, he is also caring and always kind to everyone around him.

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Dokidoki! PreCure is one of the cutest magical girl anime shows with adorable bear fairies and feel good and very whimsical stories about love and selflessness. The story follows five young girls who, with the help of their magical mascots, must unleash their inner superheroes and stop the evil King Mercenare from destroying the world.

5/7 Kumajiro – Hetalia Axis Powers

Kumajiro is one of the cutest of the many hilarious animals from Hetalia Axis powers. He is one of the most famous anime bears thanks to his unique relationship with Canada. Kumajiro is a young polar bear who doesn’t speak much, and his growth has also been affected by contact with Canada and other humans.

Hetalia Axis powers is one of the most unique comedy anime shows with hilarious characters and a funny story. The anime follows the adventures of Italy and his friends; However, each character is the personification of a country and they live through different important moments in history.

4/7 Shirokuma – Polar Bear Cafe

Shirokuma is one of the chillest anime bears of all time, who loves to play pranks on his friends and likes to spend his time relaxing in his cafe or by the pool. He also has a fairly vivid imagination and loves to invent funny stories to entertain his many friends and clients.

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Polar Bear Cafe is one of the healthiest anthropomorphic anime shows with one of the best anime cafes ever. The story follows a Canadian polar bear named Shirokuma who decides to quit a boring job and open his own coffee shop near the local zoo. The anime revolves around him and his eventful and fun life as Shirokuma and his friends meet at his new coffee shop.

3/7 Natsu Kumai – Girl Meets Bear

Natsu Kumai is one of the most protective and caring bears in anime. He is the guardian bear of the Kumade village and one of the most important parenting figures in Miko’s life. While Natsu is responsible for maintaining the balance and peace between bears and humans, he still spends most of his time caring for and advising Miko.

Girl meets bear is one of the healthiest anime shows with charming characters and a motivating story. The story of the anime follows the life of a young girl in a small village who spends most of her time at the shrine talking to her guardian bear, Natsu. However, Miko is preparing for a big change as she wants to leave her small but safe home and move to the big city to go to school and live alone for the first time.

2/7 Monokuma – Danganronpa

Monokuma, also known as Monobear, is without a doubt the most terrifying and deadly anime bear of all time. He is the diabolical headmaster of the deadly Hope’s Peak Academy who loves to see others suffer and has no remorse. He is one of the cutest yet scariest anime characters who seems funny and polite at times which makes this scary anime bear even more terrifying.

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Danganronpa is one of the scariest dark anime shows about a group of high school students who suddenly get trapped in the mysterious and deadly Hope’s Peak Academy. Soon Monokuma appears and tells the kids that the only way to survive and get out is if they murder someone and somehow get away with murder during the ensuing trial as well.

1/7 Bepo – one piece

Bepo is the bravest and smartest anthropomorphic anime bear who is also a skilled martial artist. He is also the Heart Pirates’ expert navigator and cartographer. His crewmates often disrespect him for being a talking polar bear. Despite feeling insecure and often apologizing when he shouldn’t, he’s still one of the strongest willed characters on the show.

Bepo is a member of the Mink tribe and one of the finest warriors of all, having superhuman strength. One piece is one of the most creative and fun adventure anime of all time, with all sorts of intriguing and imaginative characters. The story follows Luffy’s adventures as he embarks on an epic quest to become the Pirate King.

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