The founder of Oculus has created a new headset that can actually kill you if you die in-game

Oculus VR was founded by Palmer Luckey while he was simultaneously designing the Oculus Rift in 2012. That said, Luckey didn’t stop there. Well, until 2014 when Facebook acquired Oculus and then Luckey worked in a quite different part of the tech industry.

Speaking of Oculus, take a look at the trailer for experimental physics action game Bonelab, which recently came out for VR.

However, Luckey clearly hasn’t abandoned his passion for virtual reality as the creator has come up with a brand new VR headset that can kill you.

The monstrous headset is inspired by the popular Japanese light novel and anime series Sword Art Online. In case you haven’t seen the show yet, the story follows Kirito taking part in an MMO RPG using a virtual reality headset, which in this case is called NerveGear.

The crux of the matter is that a dozen players find themselves trapped in the game and thus in the NerveGear. You can probably imagine where this is going, but the MMO Kirito finds himself in is about to get all too real, and those who die in the game… well, they die in real life too.

So it makes perfect sense why Luckey took inspiration from the story of Sword Art Online, and if you’re an anime fan who hasn’t seen it, I highly recommend it. That said, it kind of sucks after the first season.

Luckey’s new headset, dubbed OQPNVG, was featured in a blog post on November 6th. This date coincides exactly with the day the events of Sword Art Online began. A genuine commitment to the Luckey cause, that’s for sure.

In his blog post, Luckey explains in detail how the creation of Oculus Rift and Sword Art Online coincided. He tells how the headset itself made the series feel even more realistic and the show in turn actively supported sales. Ultimately, says Lucky, “This synergy had a significant impact on the sales and adoption of our dev kits – literally thousands of people reached out to me with different variations asking, ‘Have you seen Sword Art Online? When are you going to make the NerveGear real?!’.”

Luckey then discusses what everyone is actually interested in, and that’s the killer headset that could very well be an all-too-true NerveGear for years to come. “The good news is that we are halfway to making a real NerveGear. The bad news is I’ve only found the half that kills you so far,” Luckey shares.

So how does the headset intend to kill players? Well, in the series, NerveGear includes a microwave transmitter that can reach lethal levels. Apparently Luckey tried to do something similar and the end result was three explosive charge modules which he would normally use on another project (probably referring to his work with military defense technology…).

Now the OQPNVG has yet to be tested or even worn. There are just too many risks involved with the headset accidentally killing someone, so it’s undoubtedly safer sitting on Luckey’s desk (in a room as far away as possible, I hope) than on the head of one test dummy.

Finally, Luckey concludes that, to the best of his knowledge, this is “the first non-fictional example of a VR device that can actually kill the user. It won’t be the last.” The founder of Oculus has created a new headset that can actually kill you if you die in-game

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