The Complete Guide to Starting a Podcast

Podcasts seem to be the “in-thing” for quite some time now. If all the podcasts going around right now have you thinking that you need to start your podcast, then let us tell you we are here with some good tips. Today, we will bring you the complete guide on how to start your podcast.

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Set a Goal for Your Podcast

The moment you decide to start your podcast, the first thing you need to establish right off the bat is what your podcast’s goal needs to be. Choosing the right concept for your podcast will make people listen to or not listen to you. You must bring listeners to your podcast and want them to stay committed to your show.

Some good reasons for you to begin a podcast could be to spread a message to those listening, inspire people around you, or establish yourself as someone people would listen to. Whatever you wish to base your podcast around, it needs to be laid out right from the first day. Another good tip would be to choose a topic and name for it.

Getting the Right Equipment

Speaking of equipment, notice how we mentioned getting the right equipment and not necessarily expensive equipment. Many popular podcasts have the most basic setups you can see.

Dynamic microphones are ideal for podcasts. They pick up lower frequencies while having less sensitivity. Therefore, you will have less noise to remove later during the editing process. Since you are a beginner, ensure a USB microphone connection because it is easier and cheaper.

Choosing a Format

Would you prefer to go with a video as well, or only want to focus on an audio podcast? Decide up. Choosing the format of your podcast matters a lot because if you decide to include video as well, you will need to invest in the set of the podcast and the equipment.

Whereas if you are opting for audio, you will only need to invest in a good microphone and headphones and soundproof the room where you will be recording the podcast. Also, if you are not someone who talks that much, consider bringing a co-host on board for the podcast. You can learn a lot from a co-host who can ask your guest the right questions.

Choosing the Right Software

Think again if you thought you could open your computer’s recorder and begin recording a podcast. Good podcast software is very much dependent on the quality of your audio.

There are different software you can choose from, including Riverside and SquadCast, both of which have studio-quality recordings. This software also gives you a feature to take call-ins, Livestream the podcast to your social media, and edit videos in your browser. The right software can make or break your podcast.

Carry Out a Test Run

Of course, you will not know how good your podcast is until you carry out a test run. Set everything from the equipment to the furniture correctly and get a friend to come on as a guest.

A test run helps in more than one way. You can see if your equipment is working properly and see if there is anything else you need to add to the podcast. If you are having many breaks while speaking, consider writing down a list of things you might want to ask your guest beforehand. In addition, the important thing is to ensure that there are as few distractions as possible in the room where you are recording the podcast. This takes us to our final guideline.

Choosing the Right Spot

Choosing the right spot for your podcast is super essential. Ideally, you should have a place with no noise and very few distractions. If you are recording at home, choose the quietest room in the house.

If you wish to record your podcast somewhere outside your house, choose a place that is not adjacent to a street. If that is not a solvable problem, then soundproof the room as best as you can to avoid loud sounds that could break your podcast’s ongoing momentum.

We hope these tips come in handy for you because if you are thinking of starting a podcast, there is no better time than now. Best of luck!

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