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Those living outside of North America may not know it, but another holiday comes between Halloween and Christmas. It’s called Thanksgiving and it’s a day of spending time with family, thinking about everything to be thankful for and enjoying a good meal with a huge fat bird as the focal point.

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This bird is of course the turkey, both beautiful and modest with its colorful feathers and large girth. Holding its head high with a proud stride and a distinctive waddle, it has also appeared in several video games. These iconic virtual turkeys are perfect for getting everyone in the Thanksgiving spirit because Christmas can wait a little longer.


7/7 No turkeys were harmed in Doom 3

Life on Mars is hell, both literally and metaphorically. As the base on the red planet is overrun by demons, Doom Guy must defeat the denizens of the underworld doom 3. All those demons killing on that dark, depressing basis can be pretty oppressive, so Doom Guy could use an outlet for his frustrations.

That’s where Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 comes in. The goal of the game is self-explanatory: beat the turkey to score points. Each turkey can be hit so many times that it explodes in a shower of offal. However, players need not worry. It’s just a video game.

6/7 The Turkeys Strike Back In South Park for Nintendo 64.

While the youngest South Park RPGs are held up as examples of how to a South Park Play it right, the franchise has taken a long time to get there. The long-running satirical masterpiece from Trey Parker and Matt Stone had one of its earliest video game incarnations in the form of a first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64 and PlayStation.

In the opening level, the main four kids are attacked by a bunch of turkeys who want to pick their skins clean. These turkeys are mutants that have wreaked havoc on the local Renaissance faire and the boys must fend them off with their arsenal of snowballs. You must not reach the tamping mines!

5/7 There are no turkeys in Spurs, but that can easily be remedied

spore was aggressively hyped prior to its initial release, and while it wasn’t the second coming, it turned out to be a nice little game. The main catch of spore is that anyone can create a single celled being and evolve it to the point where it is sentient.

While turkeys weren’t built into the game itself, the potential of Spore’s creature editing tool makes the creation of a turkey possible. It can then either be a messenger of the Thanksgiving spirit to other creatures or become their Thanksgiving dinner.

4/7 turkeys. In. PLACE!

Even in a galaxy far, far away, the common turkey is represented. Although these are not terrestrial turkeys, the nunas, or “bog turkeys” as they are known, are a food source in the war of stars lore.

Nunas made her first appearance in the video game version of Star Wars: Episode I, The Phantom Menace. According to the official war of stars site, nunas are native to the swamps of Naboo. They are very dumb, but also easy to care for. Nuna Turkey Jerky is available for purchase at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge at Disney World.

3/7 The soul of a Turkey

The kingdom of World of Warcraft is constantly evolving, introducing new species, new lands, and new quests. 2021, World of Warcraft‘s Pilgrim’s Bounty quest activated Impressive Members who played as Night Fae to take the form of a plump chicken.

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To pull this off, a night fae had to eat each meal at the Pilgrim’s Bounty tables a maximum of six times. This gave the night fairy a glowing turkey crittershape that looks like it could be the ghost of Thanksgiving’s past.

2/7 Bowl A Turkey in. . . Tekken?

That Tekken Fighting games can’t be accused of taking themselves too seriously. The fighters have incorporated oddities like a panda bear and a wooden man that mimics his opponents’ moves. The franchise has also included a quirky side game: bowling.

Tekken bowl has appeared in several entries in the franchise as well as a standalone app. in the tekke 7, the game’s fighters compete in a round of tenpin in a brightly colored alley. If you roll three consecutive strikes, you get a turkey. This will cause a series of cartoon birds to appear over the bowler’s victory animation.

1/7 Santa has to wait his turn

Turkey has had enough of Santa Claus stealing the spotlight from Thansgiving. It’s time to settle this once and for all turkey puncha fighting game in which Santa Claus and a turkey finally go head-to-head to answer a question that very few people have thought of.

Two players can play on the same computer at the same time. The turkey has his standard arsenal of moves, including a basic attack and a block where he pokes his head in the ground. If the turkey takes enough damage, it can unleash its special attack: a blast of energy from its mouth that will “slay” jolly old Saint Nick.

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