Suspicious envelope found in GOP candidate’s office in Phoenix

PHOENIX (AP) — Authorities on Sunday examined an envelope reportedly containing suspicious white powder that was opened at Republican gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake’s campaign headquarters in Arizona.

The Phoenix Police and Fire Department said they were called to the building around 2 a.m. and there were no reports of injuries or illness.

What was in the envelope is still unclear.

According to Lake’s campaign, the employee who opened the envelope was under medical supervision.

“Only two days before election day, our campaign headquarters will remain closed. We look forward to law enforcement completing their investigation as soon as possible,” Lake campaign spokesman Ross Trumble said in a statement. “In the meantime, you should know that our determination has never been greater and we will not be intimidated.”

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Katie Hobbs said in a statement that the incident was “incredibly concerning” and she was grateful that Lake and her staff were not harmed.

“Political violence, threats or intimidation have no place in our democracy,” Hobbs said. “I strongly condemn this threatening behavior towards Lake and her employees.” Suspicious envelope found in GOP candidate’s office in Phoenix

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