Starfield was supposed to launch today – are we all a little sad right now?

It’s November 11th, 2022. Today should be Starfield Day when we would all explore, gather and thrive in an intergalactic adventure. Well, you probably would. I would be stuck in the guides mines but it would still have been an exciting time. But fate would ensure that our hype was deferred and hurled against the rocks on an alien world.

This is all thanks to a delay announced back in May for both Starfield and Redfall, as both games appeared to “need more polish” and been thrown back into the depths of 2023. Since then, we’ve looked at some Starfield gameplay during the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, which gave us a brief idea of ​​what to expect from Bethesda’s next big RPG. Lots of planets, lots of exploration and hopefully lots of fun.

In case you missed it, you can check out the Starfield gameplay reveal here!

At the moment we are admittedly still a bit sad about the whole affair. Delays happen, and if Starfield needed more time, we’d rather polish it up like this than come out clunky and unfinished. But as user VP007clips wrote in a post on Reddit, “If they hadn’t delayed it, we’d probably be trying to complete the first quest while the game’s CTDs were having glitchy graphics every 15 minutes, switching between low res every few seconds and normal distorted , 30 FPS and countless other bugs and issues.” The last thing we want is another launch situation for Fallout 76, and I’d bet neither Bethesda nor Todd Howard want that.

It feels like Bethesda has a lot going on at Starfield. Fallout 76, while it may be good now judging by the reports of those who still play it (including John Carpenter), remains a black mark on the company’s reputation for many around the world. Not only that, but with CD Projekt Red throwing its own hat into the ring with Cyberpunk 2077, only for that hat to T-pose and slice through the floor, Bethesda could be under pressure to re-establish itself. To go “that’s how you do it”.

But let us know what you think below! Are you feeling a little sad today? Let us know below! If you’re looking for an up-to-date round-up of all things Starfield, check out our Everything We Know About Starfield page! Starfield was supposed to launch today – are we all a little sad right now?

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