Square Enix describes the world of Dragon Quest treasures

Square Enix has revealed more details about the setting of its upcoming Nintendo Switch game Dragon Quest Treasures. This action-adventure game is unique within the dragon quest franchise, not quite a dragon quest RPG and not quite Dragon Quest monsters, either. in the Dragon Quest Treasures Players explore a brilliant fantasy world in search of valuable treasures. That’s why it’s so important to create a world where players feel at home.

Previous announcements around Dragon Quest Treasures has confirmed that it’s set in a world called Draconia, which is made up of a multitude of islands. Players have traveled to this strange world and must make it their new home, building a base and finding a means of transport between the islands. This is just the beginning of a great adventure exploring and uncovering treasures across Draconia.


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As already confirmed, Draconia consists of six islands. These islands are made up of the remains of two huge golden dragons, whose shapes are still recognizable. Square Enix explains that additionally Dragon Quest Treasures‘ central hub island on which players base their operations, the remaining islands each have their own biomes with their own unique races and monsters. Exploring these islands requires various tools and equipment to fully discover their mysteries.

Island one is Paternoggin, the two-tiered starting island with a derelict factory, forests, caves, and a population of rival sylphanes. Island two is Maneland, a desert island that requires a glider to explore safely. The third island of Draconia is Cinderback Ridge, a volcanic island full of nasty red cacti and lava pools. Island four is the Wingswept Moors, covered in swamps, marshes and towering Mount Greywing. Finally, the fifth island is the back quarters, covered with ice and snow.

each of Dragon Quest Treasures‘ Islands have their own monsters to catch and treasures to discover. It’s fair to say that each island has separate and unique areas of its own, accessed through unique means and with an unlockable flying train station. Hopefully that should convey how big the five islands of Draconia are.

Finally, Dragon Quest Treasures‘ Sky Islands are very uncomplicated and simple in nature. That is a dragon quest game, anyway. It aims to be an accessible fantasy franchise. Don’t expect Draconia to be such a complex and rich world to explore elden ring‘s Lands Between. For what it is, however, it should prove to be an exciting world to visit and great for the Nintendo Switch.

Dragon Quest Treasures Coming to Nintendo Switch on December 9th.

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