Sophia Rosing is withdrawing from the University of Kentucky after breaking racism at Kylah Spring

The white student, who hurled racial slurs when she attacked a black student over the weekend, intends to withdraw from the University of Kentucky after a wave of violent backlash.

Sophia Rosing, who was arrested over the weekend and slapped with multiple charges, plans to withdraw in the next few days, her lawyer told NBC News.

“She is a very, very embarrassed and humiliated young lady,” said Fred Peters. He added that Rosing will undertake sensitivity training after leaving university.

On Monday night, a large crowd gathered near the Bowman Wildcat statue at the University of Kentucky Monday to show their support for the assaulted black student Kylah Spring. There, in front of hundreds of protesters, Spring swore that the incident would not silence them.

“Protect black women!” The crowd chanted, according to a recording of the gathering posted to Facebook by Betsy Spring, the student’s mother.

Dozens of protesters, many wearing Britain’s iconic blue and white colors, held signs during the demonstration.

“Freedom 4 Spring” read one.

“We are voices that need to be heard,” one student addressed the crowd. “Our voices fall on deaf ears. The only way we will be heard is if we come together as a collective so that our voices are equal and we can call the shots to take us through the various next levels.”

At one point, Spring, who was there with family members, went forward to address the group.

“My name is Kylah Spring!” said the British newcomer to tears and loud applause from the crowd. “In the early hours of Sunday morning, I was physically, verbally and racially assaulted by Jane Doe, aka Sophia Rosing, a 22-year-old student here at the University of Kentucky. I was physically, verbally and racially attacked.”

“Since then,” she continued, “I have used social media to spread awareness and I have attracted the attention of the nation and the world. … Thank you to everyone who has reached out to me via a social media platform. You are the reason my story is heard. it is our Story.”

Spring pointed out that racial discrimination is “a recurring problem in and between American school systems.”

“I am deeply saddened by the events that have taken place, but I am very grateful for the justice that is to come,” she said.

Spring said she would not let the attack break her courage.

“To my Black UK community,” Spring said to cheers from the crowd, “I see you, I feel you and I stand by you. I matter, you matter and we Matter. We will be stronger.”

After invoking former first lady Michelle Obama’s infamous “We go high” speech, Spring urged the black community to “maintain this situation with grace and humility, and to hold our heads high and lean on one another as we each other.” and heal our community”.

Betsy Spring stepped forward after her daughter had finished speaking.

“We’re tired, but we’ll always find the energy, resources, time and gas money to raise it for our kids. Each of you is our child. Thank you on behalf of… our entire family, we thank you for that support,” Betsy told the crowd in video captured by the University of Kentucky’s student-run newspaper Kentucky kernel.

Rosing was arrested early Sunday morning for the attack, which was captured in video footage that has since gone viral. Students immediately began calling for Rosing’s expulsion.

“Around 1am today I was attacked…and repeatedly called an N—–!” Spring wrote in a Facebook post that included video of the attack. “This girl slapped my face twice, [bit] in my arm a few times and kicked me in the stomach.”

As a front desk clerk in one of the halls on campus, Spring noted that it was her duty to notify resident assistants if students seemed “unwell.”

“This girl was very drunk upon entering the residence[,] So I asked if she was okay and kept trying to get her to sit down,” Spring wrote. “Also, she doesn’t appear to be a resident so I tried to stop her from getting in the elevator. My friend was also bitten and attacked by this girl as well as several others including the OFFICER.”

In the first video, Rosing can be seen pushing and grabbing Spring while repeatedly calling her a “N—–bitch.”

“I don’t get paid enough for this,” Spring says while trying to hold Rosing back.

One of Spring’s friends, whom she identified as Kansas during her Monday night speech, unsuccessfully helps her get Rosing into a chair. Rosing then moves to the elevator and proceeds to insult Spring, Kansas, and the person recording the incident. Finally, a group of students intervened. A girl tells Rosen to stop and then exclaims that she almost got bitten by Rosing. Eventually, a police officer arrives at the scene and arrests Rosing, who continues to hurl racial slurs out the door.

In all, Rosing shouted the racial slur 200 times during the incident, according to the Daily Mail.

“An incident involving violence against our students, racial slurs and offensive language occurred in one of our dormitories,” University of Kentucky President Eli Capitlouto said in a statement Sunday. “We condemn this behavior and will not tolerate it under any circumstances. The safety and well-being of our community has been and will continue to be our top priority.”

“We will fully investigate what happened … but we must also learn from this moment and do better as a community,” the statement continued. “Let’s take this moment, as painful and ugly as it is, to remind ourselves of the work we need to be committed to as a community where everyone is welcome and feels included.”

Rosing was arrested for public intoxication, assault and disorderly conduct. The 22-year-old is said to have “kicked and bitten” university officials when she was arrested and refused to identify herself. She pleaded not guilty in court Monday and posted $10,000 bail. Sophia Rosing is withdrawing from the University of Kentucky after breaking racism at Kylah Spring

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