Sony announces significant PS5 sales milestone

Financial results for Sony were recently released, revealing that the PlayStation 5 has reached a significant sales milestone. The information for the second quarter of 2022 included more details on the performance of the PlayStation 5 compared to the PlayStation 4, as well as software and subscription sales figures.

October was quite an eventful month for the PS5, seeing a small software update, hints of an upcoming dedicated Discord integration, and a successful attempt to jailbreak the console. In addition, the console has been embroiled in the ongoing debate between Sony and Microsoft over the latter’s acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Recent statements by Phil Spencer suggest that the call of Duty Franchise won’t be leaving PlayStation any time soon, welcome news for the console.


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As summarized by VGChartz, Sony has distributed 25 million PS5 consoles as of September 30th this year. From July to September, the console sold 3.3 million, the same number as the same period last year. Sony has a target of 18 million for this fiscal year, which with only 5.7 million sales in the first half of this fiscal period is unlikely to be achieved. Interestingly, that’s slightly higher than 2021’s 5.6 million, suggesting demand for the console isn’t slowing. Compared to the PS4, which sold 4 million units in the same quarter, the PS5 is 4.4 million units behind the cumulative total of 29.4 million.

Despite similar sales figures, revenue increased 12%, in part due to price increases in certain regions. However, profits fell significantly in light of the takeover by Sony determination Developer Bungie for $3.6 billion. In addition, PlayStation 5 and 4 recorded a total of 62.5 million games sold, down 13.9 million from the previous year. Sony will no doubt hope the coming God of War Ragnarok will help boost those numbers.

While 2022 sales are expected to be flat, much depends on how well Sony can meet demand. The pandemic, chip shortages and troubled shipping routes have made the PS5 a rarity until now, when production finally seems to have ramped up and be able to meet apparent demand. With the holiday season just around the corner, a long-awaited exclusive release, and a 2023 full of potential sales machines, Sony would be wise to ensure a steady stream of PS5 consoles.

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Source: VGChartz Sony announces significant PS5 sales milestone

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