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signalis is a retro-inspired survival horror game comparable to Resident Evil and silent Hill Plays at a mechanical level in the mid to late 90s. The fixed camera angle and restrictive tank-like controls disempower the player and add a sense of vulnerability that many modern over-the-shoulder horror games lack.

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As a game that prioritizes ambient storytelling and slow-burning horror that aims to unsettle the player, signalis Lots to offer fans of the genre. With limited resources and ammo, the tension and pace are deliberately methodical. However, according to How Long To Beat, a normal playthrough of signalis takes about 6 to 8 hours for the average player looking for haste to the end. However, this does not take into account the additional content and secret endings in signalis.


How long to beat Signalis

As mentioned above, a normal playthrough of signals should take about 8 hours. The completist and those who want to peel off the layers to reveal all of its secrets will get much more replay value. A full playthrough of signals can take about 16 hours for the average player.

A full playthrough means finding everything, unlocking trophies/achievements, and unlocking everything five endings in signalis. These endings will reveal themselves based on the protagonist’s Psychic Assessment. While it’s not a huge game compared to a AAA title, the content on offer makes it what it is signalis‘Retro experience more rewarding and enjoyable considering the low price.

Trophies/Achievements in Signalis

Besides the secret endings in signalisCompletists must unlock all trophies/achievements the game has to offer. Unfortunately there is missable trophies and achievements in signalis, and it’s impossible to find them all in a single game.

Signali’s Trophy/Achievement List

Trophy/Achievement Name requirement or description
SYNCHRONICITY Receive an important message
SEIZED Lose something of no value
DOWN lose something valuable
LIMINALITY Maybe this is hell
FORM DECAY To return
PROMISE Remember our promise
UNICORN rule of six
Nitro A gift
HOLES Ship of Theseus
TO SURVIVE Leave the survival horror
DANGER Complete the ritual

Multiple trophies/achievements will be unlocked once the player has lived through all endings signalis. Some are worse than others, with THE END being a prime example, being the shortest and resetting all of the player’s progress by sending the protagonist back to the beginning. But it is necessary for trophy hunters and completists who want to find everything in it signalis.

signalis is available now for PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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