Side quests that you must complete

The DioField Chronicle offers a new and intense strategy RPG using the latest technology, Real-Time Tactical Battle. Players must think fast to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Quick-witted decisions and the effective use of characters’ abilities and classes ensure quick victory. The game also brings to life an immersive storyline that keeps the action flowing that draws players in and won’t let go.

in the The DioField Chronicle, players spend a lot of time building party members by unlocking new skills and weapons. Between missions, players can participate in side quests that offer excellent rewards. They get everything from new party members to new items in the shop, which are essential to building their characters. While many consider side quests overrated, some simply shouldn’t be missed.


8/8 Coin for comrades

One of the essential things in The DioField Chronicle advances the characters through items and weapons available in the shop. When players are starting out, options are limited on that front, which isn’t too bad since money is tight too. However, as the game progresses and characters become stronger, they quickly outgrow the available items. That’s where this side quest comes in.

In Chapter 1, players talk to a mercenary who wants to raise money for the cause, which ends up being 1,500G. This amount is quite high for so early in the game, so players may need to come back once they’ve collected the money. However, you will be amply rewarded with Shop Rank Up (1), which unlocks new items and weapons in the shop.

7/8 experience over training

In Chapter 2, players can initiate this side quest by speaking to Rickenback to agree to a hunt. Immediately after that, they need to talk to Lorraine. The facility must be upgraded for 1,500 G for the hunt to take place. Note that Lorraine has several side quests and players may need to go through several to activate them.

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Once payment is made, players will receive a shop rank up (2). This reward means that the group gets 5% more money for missions. For players struggling to find the money to pay Lorraine, there are many easy quests available that offer monetary rewards for little effort.

6/8 Business is booming

This side quest takes place at the beginning of Chapter 3 during the Hand of Redemption quest. Players must speak to Shivat, who requests money to set up trade with a local merchant. The requested amount is 2,500 G.

Although the amount is a bit high, players are rewarded with Shop Rank Up (3). With more items in the shop, characters can be better equipped and better prepared for battle.

5/8 An unexpected opportunity

At the beginning of Chapter 4 there is a soldier that players need to talk to. He will ask for money which is quite high at 10,000G. Depending on the strategy players used, this shouldn’t be an issue at this point in the game.

Repeating quests is an excellent way to fill the coffers for players who don’t have enough money saved. The reward for providing the requested money is Shop Rank Up (4), which gives the party 5% more gold per mission.

4/8 Trust earned through action

Players must speak to Tremina at the beginning of Chapter 5 to start this side quest. She will suggest doing a mission for the traders in exchange for better weapons. To complete this side quest, the party must fight through three waves of enemies, including a Coeurl.

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The reward for this quest is Shop Rank Up (5), the ultimate unlock of items in the shop. Many of the new accessories, while often expensive, have specialized functions that are essential to success in battle.

3/8 A shield for the people

This side quest is exceptionally easy. Talking to Lorraine in Chapter 2 at the beginning of Harbinger of Discord will unlock another quest, Mission: A Job in the North, and net player 1,000 G. It will also unlock a new optional character that players can play easily overlooked because it is not listed as a reward.

Donovar Sullion is a member of the Soldier class and was once a member of the Royal Guard. There are two character quests for him in Chapters 3 and 4 that award 2,000G and 5,000G, respectively. He has powerful abilities like Attack Boost and Enhanced Aggressive Healing. Players won’t want to miss out on this side quest as he’s a great addition to the team.

2/8 A warrior gets his wings

By speaking to Catherine in Chapter 4 while the Winged Mercenary quest is active, players can activate this side quest. This conversation will result in players receiving 5,000 G, access to a new quest, and a new character. Because this quest is so easily overlooked, players can fight their way through the game and never collect this optional party member.

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Zoruaq Wigan is a member of the cavalier class and a mercenary legend. There are character quests for him in Chapters 5 and 6, each offering 10,000 G as a reward. His best abilities include Critical Rate Boost and Enhanced Auto Attack & Weakness. Zoruaq is an important offensive character and a must for any effective team.

1/8 Give to those who sign up

When Chapter 6 begins, players will want to find Chappleman and speak to him. He’s a new character in the game and should be easy to identify. This conversation rewards players with a new quest, 10,000 G, and an optional new character.

A member of the Cavalier class, Chappleman is an experienced wyvern rider. His best skills include Enhanced Auto-Attack & Wither and Fast-Hitter. In Chapter 6, he has two character quests that award players 10,000G each. A versatile offensive character, Chappleman is essential for the most powerful party combos.

The DioField Chronicle is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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