Shumi Come Home developer SomeHumbleOnion describes influences and inspirations

Noah Lone, aka SomeHumbleOnion, is hard at work bringing Schumi, come home brought to life for an expected launch in 2023. In the cozy and casual indie exploration title, players take on the role of a two-inch tall mushroom that has been separated from its family in a large forest. The game is mainly driven by exploration, with familiar open-world mechanics centered around platforms, gliding and climbing, as well as some light puzzle-solving elements.

Schumi, come homeThe next big moment will be at Jirard “The Completionist” Khalil’s IndieLand charity livestream, which runs Friday 11th November – Sunday 13th November. During the stream, Lone hopes to engage with gamers as a developer and answer questions about the upcoming title. Lone spoke to Game Rant about the titles that have inspired and shaped Schumiincluding a short hike, breath of the wild, and Pikmin.


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Keep things short and sweet

Before starting work Schumi, Lone was working on an extremely ambitious project that didn’t leave him time to advertise as building the game’s foundations took up all of his time. The catalyst that inspired Lone to tackle a smaller, healthier project was that of indie developer Adam Robinson-Yu A short hike.

“I ended up playing A shot hike towards the end of development on this game and I was like, ‘Wow, that’s amazing!’ because I hadn’t really played a lot of short games before, and I was super inspired. I absolutely fell in love with this title.”

Lone said he now prefers shorter gaming experiences and has become his “go-to playstyle.” The broader gaming industry is awash with 100+ hour experiences, and Lone thinks even 8-9 hour games can take up too much time. He prefers to play creative, emotionally impactful games in a single session rather than prolonged, endless games. But that’s not to say Schumi doesn’t borrow from bigger, more epic titles. Lone credits the game’s sliding system breath of the wildwhom he admires as a pioneering mechanic.

A Pikmin-like world in Shumi Come Home

While Schumi, come home distinguishes its concise creative format A short hikeand its mechanical emphasis on exploration of breath of the wild, The aesthetic undoubtedly owes credit to another popular Nintendo franchise.

“Pikmin is my absolute favorite game series. Pimin 1 and Pikmin 2 are my absolute favorite games. love her to death I’ve been playing them since I was a kid. Just the environment in these games where you play as tiny plant creatures but it’s on earth so objects and things seem huge – I love that.”

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said Lone Schumi‘s story takes place on Earth at a time when humans are not present, which is another similarity with Pikmin Franchise. While many games play with scaling in an interesting way – Obsidian survival crafting game Grounded comes to my mind – Pikmin was one of the most notable early series, allowing players to interact with a world on a minute level. While the RTS franchise has a heavy focus on combat, its cute character designs, emphasis on puzzle-solving, and wholesome narrative might also make it an early predecessor of today’s leisurely games.

Shumi Come Home takes notes from Adventure Time

Lone hopes to tug at players’ hearts with it Schumi while maintaining an upbeat, humorous, and generally light-hearted atmosphere. To balance these elements, he draws inspiration from Cartoon Network when writing adventure time. The show is generally surreal and hilarious, but Lone noted that dialogue and action can occasionally take detours into more serious situations. adventure time is also known for his eclectic characters, and Lone said Shumi will encounter many distinctive beings on his travels.

Fans of cozy games and healthy experiences should keep an eye on it Schumi, come home‘s development, as well as those with a fondness for adventure time and A short hike. But the title should primarily welcome fans of Pikmin are waiting for the fourth entry in Nintendo’s plant-picking franchise. Luckily, players may not have to wait long to dive into Shumi’s world.

Shumi, come home Coming to Steam and Switch in 2023. The game will be released as part of IndieLand 2022 on Saturday, November 12 at 6pm PST.

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