SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog series has sold an impressive 1.5 billion units worldwide

In SEGA’s latest financial report, the company shared a rather remarkable figure for its Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise.

According to the company, the series has sold over 1.5 billion copies worldwide. The number includes both full games and free-to-play titles as of March 2022 (thanks,

The number is sure to increase once Sonic Frontiers is released, and the company is also working on several Sonic IP projects for the fiscal year ending March 2024 and beyond. The company believes these new projects will “add to the popularity of the franchise and will help sell more games.”

Sonic isn’t the only franchise doing well for SEGA. The financial report also noted that the Total War series has sold over 40.4 million units since 2000.

It was also noted that the Persona series has sold over 15.5 million units since its debut in 1996, with the Persona 5 series having sold 7.22 million copies, 77% of which have been sold internationally.

SEGA also announced that its Football Manager and Chain Chronicle franchises have each moved 25 million units.

The financial report also included comments from company president and CEO Haruki Satomi, who said that SEGA was working on creating a “super game” and noted that it was always looking for “new forms of entertainment with an eye toward the future…not married.” in the past.”

“One strategy to generate hit titles like this is to create a supergame — a big global title,” Satomi said. “We are currently developing such a game and are aiming for a release by the fiscal year ending March 2026.

“The ultimate goal of the Super Game strategy is to create a game so revolutionary that it attracts far more active users than any previous game in the group. A key to achieving that goal is if we can bring together a large community that isn’t just gamers, but also includes streamers streaming the game and viewers watching their videos. This type of community expands and evolves game content, adding value to the game unimagined by developers and igniting a broader movement that can then attract even more users and dramatically increase the game’s exposure.

“If we can start that kind of virtuous cycle, I believe that reaching the 100.0 billion yen lifetime revenue goal for the ‘Super Game’ is quite achievable. More than anything else, the starting point for building this type of community is creating an interesting game that wins user support.

“Really interesting games attract a lot of people, and a variety of communities naturally spring up around them.

“We hope to create an engaging game that will meet the needs of future users.” SEGA’s Sonic the Hedgehog series has sold an impressive 1.5 billion units worldwide

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