Sega is asking fans which mini-console they would like next

Sega has reportedly polled fans about the mini-console they want to see next, raising hopes that there might be a mini-Dreamcast or Saturn in the future after all. Console fans have been making miniature or portable versions of their favorite hardware for years, but the market for official mini-console releases was really born in 2016 when Nintendo launched the mini-NES.

The device was also extremely popular with non-gamers, leading to the appearance of the Mini-SNES less than a year later. Since then, Sega has released a few mini and micro consoles, including the Sega Genesis Mini in 2019, which featured 42 games, and the Sega Genesis Mini 2, which launched in October 2022 and features over 50 titles originally released for the Genesis- and Mega CD peripheral.


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While the Sega Genesis Mini 2 is available in North America, some fans choose to import the Japanese version, dubbed the Sega Mega Drive Mini 2. The box includes a 4-digit password and a link to an online questionnaire. There are 43 questions in the poll, but two standout ones ask questions about the Mega Drive Mini 2 and what Sega console fans want to see miniaturized next.

The first question is: if Sega released another mini console replica, would the respondent buy it? The next question lists possible consoles and asks the user to select the ones that interest them. Devices listed include Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, Game Gear, Master System, and a mini arcade cabinet like the Sega Astro Mini City, which launched in North America in March 2021.

Curious is the inclusion of Sega Saturn and Dreamcast in the list, which were thought not to get Mini form. When the Sega Genesis Mini 2 was announced in June, Yosuke Okunari, the producer responsible for Sega’s classic consoles, stated that making minis of these devices would be prohibitively expensive. Manufacturing the circuit boards for a Saturn or Dreamcast Mini would be quite expensive, especially in this post-pandemic market. Understandably, these costs would be passed on to consumers, many of whom would be less inclined to buy them as a result.

However, the inclusion of these two favorite consoles in Sega’s poll will keep the spark of hope alive for some fans, and perhaps as technology advances and prices fall, the company will see their production as a worthwhile investment.

Sega Genesis Mini 2 is currently available for purchase.

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Source: Nintendo Life Sega is asking fans which mini-console they would like next

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