Russian wives are now threatening rides to bring their husbands back from Ukraine

According to a new report, more than 20 wives of Russian conscripts are threatening to hitchhike to the front lines in Ukraine to drag their husbands out of the war.

The women from the Kursk and Voronezh regions have traveled to Belgorod to confront the military leadership at the base from which their husbands were sent, reports the independent newspaper Mozhem Obyasnit.

“We stop the cars that drive through the city [guard] Post. We tearfully ask them to give us cars to get our boys out of there. We told them one thing – if they don’t come out and help us, then we, including a pregnant girl, will go to the front. If they don’t help [our guys], then we will. We will get our husbands, there is no other way,” a woman from the city of Valuyki was quoted as saying.

The women’s uprising at the military base is just the latest evidence of growing outrage from families of conscripts who say the Russian military knowingly sent the men to Ukraine to die without equipment, training or guidance. It’s also just the latest evidence of dwindling domestic support for the war, as more and more ordinary Russians feel only a fraction of the fallout that Ukrainians have suffered for nearly nine months.

“They sent them to the front and threw them like meat,” the sister of one of the conscripts told Mozhem Obyashnit.

The men are now believed to be hiding in a forest in Ukraine’s Luhansk region after the rest of their squadron was almost entirely decimated, with just over 30 men out of 200 surviving. Family members say the men were completely thrown under the bus by the military leadership, with official Russian Defense Ministry documents listing them as “deserters” who fled a base in the Kursk region, rather than conscripts who went to fight in the U.S were sent to Ukraine, Verstka reported.

Some of the conscripted men have accused the Russian military of intentionally using newly mobilized and poorly trained men as cannon fodder, sending them straight to the front lines with faulty weapons, while higher-ranking military officials stay at a distance to shoot anyone who retreats.

The wives in Belgorod said they have now learned that the governor of the Kursk region, Roman Starovoyt, has traveled to Moscow to speak directly with Vladimir Putin about rescuing the troops left behind in Luhansk.

Family members of conscripts from the Vladimir region have also contacted Putin directly, posting a video urging him to “take the necessary measures” after the men were duped and sent to the front lines without training, food or supplies were sent to Luhansk.

“The damn ‘second-[greatest] army of the world.’ What, from 5 to 10 years for leaving our positions? I’m shocked,” said one of the conscripts in a video sent to family members and released by independent Russian media.

The wives of men conscripted from the Vologda region are also asking the Russian government to return their husbands, describing a similar situation in a video appeal to the governor.

After being sent to a “fire trap” in the Luhansk region, the conscripts “were killed both by the enemy and by our Russian army.”

“The time has come to act and not think and wait while everyone gets ground up in that damn meat grinder,” said one of the women. Russian wives are now threatening rides to bring their husbands back from Ukraine

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