Russian forces follow Nazi playbook in evacuating occupied Cherson

After Russian troops evacuated the occupied Ukrainian city of Kherson, local media reported Thursday that Kremlin troops blew up communication towers and abandoned checkpoints in the area before withdrawing.

pictures Images shared on social media appear to show the twisted remains of destroyed towers in partially occupied Kherson Oblast on the western side of the Dnipro River.

Online observers have compared the alleged tactic of destroying civilian infrastructure when enemy troops approached to Adolf Hitler’s infamous “Nero Decree” in March 1945. The Order – named after the Roman Emperor who, during the Great Fire of Rome in AD 64, saw Nazi troops destroy key German infrastructure including transport and communications facilities to prevent them from falling into Allied hands fell.

Independent Russian media company Medusa also reported that the Russian flag had disappeared from the Kherson regional administration building. The building is on the west bank of the city, where Ukrainian forces have been gaining ground in recent weeks.

Apparently, they were also residents of Kherson recorded clapping and cheering when they passed a checkpoint abandoned by the occupying forces on Thursday.

In late October, the Kremlin-installed administration moved to the east’s left bank of the Dnipro River as part of an “evacuation” ordered by Russian authorities. Since then, Russia has evicted tens of thousands of residents from the city, claiming that Ukrainian forces are planning to attack the Kakhovka Dam on the Dnieper and flood the city.

In a video message shared on Telegram on Monday evening, the region’s Russian-backed leader Vladimir Saldo extended the evacuation zone to the east side of the river for the first time. He said there was an “imminent threat of flooding in the Kherson region,” which could lead to “mass destruction of civilian infrastructure and a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Kyiv has repeatedly denied the claims, saying the allegations indicate Russia is considering staging a false flag attack and blames Ukrainian forces and their Western backers. Ukrainian officials have also said that Moscow’s actions in Kherson amounted to forced depopulation of the semi-occupied territory.

Another Russian puppet leader in Kherson, Kirill Stremousov, gave a bizarre interview to Russian media from the back of a moving car on Thursday. “Most likely, our units, our troops will leave for the left part of the Kherson region, and the people who did not manage to move from Kherson need to be evacuated as soon as possible,” he said. Russian forces follow Nazi playbook in evacuating occupied Cherson

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