Rune Factory 3 Special Releases New Matchmaking Opening Video

Upcoming Nintendo title and farming role-playing video game Rune Factory 3 special recently released a new video trailer showcasing the game’s marriage candidates. Marriage is one of the main characteristics of rune factory Series fans will likely enjoy the sweet footage, which gives each eligible bachelorette a few seconds in the spotlight.

Rune Factory 3 special is not the first remastered title in the rune factory Series. The fourth title in the Farm RPG series, Rune Factory 4 special, was reissued and released in 2020, almost seven years after the original release date. Given the remaster’s success and seemingly positive reception from the gaming community, it’s not surprising that Marvelous Entertainment continues the trend of updating its older one rune factory Titles and their optimization for current gaming platforms.


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On Marvelous Entertainment’s official YouTube channel, the team released a new opening video for Rune Factory 3 special. The animated footage brings Micah, Rune Factory 3 special‘s main protagonist in the spotlight alongside the game’s marriage candidates. Each eligible bachelorette girl gets a few seconds of screen time, offering viewers a preview of each character’s personality and role in the farming sim RPG. Given that there are 11 marriage candidates Rune Factory 3 specialthe video is almost two minutes long.

Unfortunately, XSEED Games, the North American publisher of Marvelous Entertainment, has not published an English version of the game’s opening video on any of its official channels. It seems that the Japanese market is still a priority for the development team. Japan already has a release date for the title, and the company has announced several as well Rune Factory 3 special Collector’s editions that may be exclusive to the country. Despite this, fans are probably hoping to see the English version of the opening video soon, especially since it has already been released on Japanese channels.

2023 is the target release year of Rune Factory 3 special, fans still have some work to do before they can play through the remastered title. An exact release framework for the title has yet to be announced, although Japan already has an official launch date. Given that there were almost seven months between the release Rune Factory 4 special In Japan and North America, western fans should probably expect the same wait until Rune Factory 3 special becomes available in your region.

Rune Factory 3 special will be released on Switch in Japan on March 2, 2023, with the English version scheduled for release in 2023.

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