Riven is getting a remake 25 years after the original release

Cyan Worlds has announced a remake of the classic adventure platformer Riven with an exciting new teaser trailer this week. The studio is rebuilding the game, which was first released in 1997, from the ground up. A release date or launch platforms have not yet been announced.

There is a short FAQ about the project on the Cyan Worlds website; Here you will find all the current facts and public information about the game at this time. That includes revealing that the remake will be “fully traversable in 3D space” rather than point-and-click (like the original). However, the same FAQ states that “all other supported navigation methods will be announced at a later date”, so there might be hope for fans of the more classic method.

Check out the remake announcement trailer here!

Cyan previously relaunched Myst – Riven’s predecessor – in 2021 in a widely acclaimed reimagining of the original. The response has been positive enough and the financial returns rewarding enough to justify the same loving restoration for the remainder of the series.

Fans of the series may be familiar with the Starry Expanse project. This was a fan project started over a decade ago to replicate Riven, a team who, according to the FAQ, “help start this project”. In a separate blog post on the subject, Cyan Worlds confirmed that the two parties are working together, but separately. Cyan Worlds also allayed fears that the fan project team was being killed and eaten, which is always good to know.

At this point in a news article I’ll throw in a touch of personal impression, although I wasn’t even alive in 1997! However, I wholeheartedly support the idea of ​​remaking genre classics like Riven, and I’m happy to hear that there’s still a large enough user base of nostalgic fans or curious newcomers to justify such an endeavor. Fingers crossed that it lives up to the original’s high bar!

While we’re on the subject of remakes, why not check out our coverage of The Witcher being completely remade in Unreal Engine 5, as well as our feature on how much we want a Dead Rising remake. Come on, you have to admit it would be lavish. Riven is getting a remake 25 years after the original release

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