Rick Scott leaves the door open to challenge Mitch McConnell for Republican Senate leader

Sen. Rick Scott of Florida would not dismiss the idea Sunday that he could be Senate Majority Leader should Republicans win back the Senate next week.

Scott appeared as head of the Republican Senate Campaign Committee Meet the press on Sunday to discuss the GOP’s latest midterm campaign, but moderator Chuck Todd took the opportunity to see if the senator himself faces an intrapartisan struggle in the Senate.

“A few quick questions about your future,” Todd asked. “If Republicans win the Senate majority, do you plan to run for leadership?”

The issue involves a months-long silent battle between Scott and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, which often centered on Scott’s tenure as head of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“I’m not focused on anything except getting a majority Tuesday night,” Scott insisted. “Everyone wants to ask me about a number of things that will happen after Tuesday night. My whole focus is on Tuesday evening.”

“That’s not an answer,” Todd said.

The NRSC’s self-proclaimed Republican agenda sent shockwaves through the party as it lost touch, and CNN reported that McConnell saw Scott’s management as self-serving and too unconventional. Republican strategists pointed out that Scott diverted support and resources to candidates like Herschel Walker and Mehmet Oz via safer Republican options in Arizona and New Hampshire that McConnell has championed.

“McConnell wants to be a leader,” Republican lobbyist Liam Donovan told CNN. “Scott wants to be a legend.”

In the absence of an answer to Todd on Sunday, Scott appeared to be leaving room for both. “It is a possibility?” asked Todd.

“I’m focused on what I get done Tuesday night,” Scott said. Rick Scott leaves the door open to challenge Mitch McConnell for Republican Senate leader

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