Resident Evil Village: Shadow of the Rose

After selecting the horror with beneviento house, Resident Evil Village: Shadow of the Rose gives players a brief moment of silence. After exploring Ethan’s memories, players will soon face the next boss in the story DLC Resident Evil Village. Although this could be considered more of a mini-boss, players should not underestimate her opponent as she can deal a lot of damage.

Additionally, players will need to stay on their toes as the boss isn’t the only thing to watch out for. Here’s how Resident Evil Village Players can defeat Eveline, the second boss shadow of the rose.


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Gather the supplies

Right after getting off the elevator Resident Evil Village Players should move to a few items on the nearby table. The first is another bottle that increases the size of Rose’s power meter, just like the bottle players picked up during the first boss fight. The second is a first aid med. Since supplies are limited, players should have enough room to pick up the first aid med. After some encouragement from Michael, players can enter the next room where Eveline is waiting for them.

How to avoid Eveline’s attacks

The most important thing Resident Evil Village Players should keep in mind that Eveline only has one attack. Periodically, she unleashes a gust of wind that deals great damage. Since resources are limited, players should avoid taking damage if they can avoid it.

The only way for players to avoid getting hit is to take cover and stay out of Eveline’s line of sight. Luckily, there are plenty of crates and furniture that players can use as cover. Players should take Michael’s advice and wait for an opening before coming out of hiding.

How to defeat Eveline

After unleashing several attacks, Eveline pauses to catch her breath. In this case, it is safe for players to leave cover and go on the offensive. The only way to harm Eveline is for Rose to use her powers. Players should move towards Eveline and they can damage her once she is in range. After taking damage from Rose’s powers, Eveline teleports to another part of the room.

Eveline will try to get to a part of the room where her attacks can hit players. To prevent this, players should immediately move and take cover to avoid the next series of attacks. Once clear, players can use Rose’s powers to damage Eveline. This process repeats itself until Eveline teleports upstairs and tries to flood the first floor with mold. In order not to die, players must destroy the nearby cores.

When the stairwell is clear, players can move up. while they do this, Resident Evil Village Players should stay under cover as much as possible as Eveline will attack much more often. Once Eveline finally takes a moment to catch her breath, players can attack her again and they will defeat Eveline.

Resident Evil Village is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Resident Evil Village: Shadow of the Rose

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