Reddit Overwatch 2 poster expresses dissatisfaction by turning the original game’s disc into a pizza cutter

Your over watch Disc is useless now. Totally useless. Shove it into your console and it won’t start the game – because there’s no game to boot. Overwatch is dead, long live free-to-play surveillance 2.

The Halloween event is back, but is it worth it?

That wouldn’t be so bad as a concept if Blizzard’s latest release hadn’t had such a miserable start. Plagued by SMS login issues, long queues, heroes that had to be removed from the roster, and players fiercely complaining about the game’s predatory monetization, Overwatch 2 left everyone in bad taste.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Over on the Overwath 2 Reddit, a user took the lemons of life and made an Overwatch flavored lemonade out of them. When the disc became useless, the internet message board saw people using their PS4 discs as pizza cutters. Others used them as coasters. It became something of a trend. Now user GoldNova12_1130 has designed and printed a special pizza cutter holder made exclusively for Overwatch discs.

The item, with the words “OVERHYPE 2” carved out of plastic in the handle, looks ergonomic enough – like it would be comfortable to hold in your hands while watching the disc bounce slightly on one side and see tracers rolling though Your Pan-Base Hawaiians on the other side.

The item – a physical manifestation of Overwatch 2 player disillusionment – is already proving popular. “Make another one and I’ll buy it lol,” says one user. “You’re a crazy boy,” says another. “Lmao,” says a third simply.

Want to buy something actually Overwatch related? You might want to think again.

If you like the look and want to make one yourself, the original creator of the pizza cutter has the template for the OVERHYPE 2 utensil listed on his cults3D page. At 94p (UK) it’s definitely cheaper than buying one of those obscenely overpriced Halloween skins.

Maybe you prefer a real piece of Overwatch merch – like a real charm, but one that would cost you less than its in-game counterpart. Reddit Overwatch 2 poster expresses dissatisfaction by turning the original game’s disc into a pizza cutter

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