PUBG Mobile: All Classic Maps, Ranking

One thing that PUBG mobile offers its fans options. Players have many different game modes, but one of the absolute favorites is the classic mode. In classic mode, the objective is to parachute into a map of your choice and face a certain number of enemies depending on the map.

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Smaller maps in PUBG mobile have smaller enemies, resulting in faster gameplay that relies less on strategy. On larger maps, gameplay can be intense or calm at the beginning, depending on where players land. However, things eventually settle down depending on whether players are playing actively or passively.


7/7 Karakin

Karakin is one of the newer maps she appears on PUBG mobile. This map is 2 x 2 km, making it one of the smaller map sizes available. It allows a total of 64 players in one game. It was originally intended as a temporary replacement for Vikendi. Vikendi has now been brought back into play and Karakin is still available to everyone.

Karakin is a desert-like map with vast open spaces for combat. Its addition has brought a lot of new things, including buildings that can be destroyed, stickybombs, and parts of the map that go underground. This exciting addition has seen its fair share of time in the spotlight.

6/7 Nusa

Nusa is the newest map in PUBG mobile. It is also the smallest map which is only 1x1km in size. Because of this, only 32 players are allowed at the beginning of the game. However, players still have the option to exit a match with high kills as they will respawn as long as they are eliminated within a certain time frame.

This is also the fastest map in terms of gameplay. A typical game can last around 5-7 minutes. Nusa is a high-tech map with many modern areas and hubs to explore. It is clearly for players of futuristic games like Cyberpunk. It’s really fun to play and the size ensures players are in and out before they know it.

5/7 vikendi

Vikendi is a snowy map that simulates the cold really well and could be perfect for snowboarding. 100 players embark on the 6 x 6km map and battle it out in the frozen tundra to see who comes out on top. Vikendi has numerous vehicles and airdrops that ensure players are always on the move.

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Vikendi is also known as the home of the SMGs as almost all SMGs on the map can be picked up as they spawn in abundance. So players need to be wary of enemies that are very ready for melee combat.

4/7 Miramar

The deserts of Miramar are not for the faint of heart. Players could move hundreds of kilometers in great openness. This map is 8×8 km, just like Erangel, but is often considered the largest map in the game. There’s a lot of late-game combat in Miramar, as the 100 players who enter this map can loot comfortably without bumping into each other too much.

Miramar is a difficult map to win as there aren’t as many buildings and cover areas as on other maps. This is a map for veterans of PUBG mobile dominate.

3/7 Sanhok

Sanhok and the snakes! Sanhok is best known for its tall grass, which is very good at hiding enemies. This makes the late game exciting as enemies can literally appear out of nowhere. This map is 4 x 4 km, but allows space for 100 players.

One of the advantages of Sanhok is the high amount of loot on the map. Sanhok seems to be filled to the brim with good gear, weapons, and paraphernalia, even without care packages. Most players who make it to the end of the game are often decked out in gear and have their best weapons in hand.

2/7 Livik

Livik was the first small card to be officially introduced PUBG mobile. It’s been in beta form for quite a while, but is now an official part of the full game experience. This 2×2 promised 15 minutes of gameplay, and it delivered on that promise. Livik consists of 52 players competing for a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

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Livik is best described as a combination of all major cards. From the snowy areas of Vikendi, the lush grass of Sanhok, and the desert plains of Miramar to the building structure of Erangel. All of them are combined in this one card.

1/7 erangel

This is the original PUBG mobile map, and it’s a testament to the longevity of the game. Four years later, Erangel is still one of the best cards to play. Its size is one of the largest available, measuring 8 x 8 km. This means that the game lasts between 25 and 35 minutes depending on the zone and endgame.

A favorite among competitive players, Erangel is the most played map in PUBG mobile tournaments. Some of the fan favorite areas are Pochinki, School and Military Base. Erangel 2.0 is the current state of the map and has brought a number of improvements in many places that continue to ensure great gameplay.

PUBG mobile is available for Android and iOS.

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