PUBG has its best quarter since 2019 – is it coming back?

PUBG had its most financially successful year since 2019, according to developer Krafton. The company reported sales of KRW 433.8 billion (or USD 320.4 million) for the third quarter of 2022, a staggering sum of money that represents a 2% increase in sales and a reflecting a 17% increase in earnings sequentially.

As for why this happened, the official press release with this information states that PUBG’s sales increased in the third quarter of 2022 thanks to the steady influx of new players since free-to-play. One particularly striking number comes from PC sales, which are up 48% over the last quarter.

You can watch the latest trailer of The Callisto Protocol, Krafton’s upcoming horror game, right here!

Consoles also saw similar growth, with quarterly sales up 22% from the most recent quarter and more than doubling last year’s sales. Aside from the move to free-to-play, what drew new players to pick up the game? The game has seen several major updates over the past few months, including a new map and numerous collaborations with other brands. While PUBG has remained a powerhouse in Eastern markets, these recent changes seem to have brought an increased number of players from Western regions.

After seeing the general announcement of higher earnings, you may have assumed, like me, that much of the growth was coming from PUBG Mobile. The platform may have gained ground, with $208.6 million in revenue (which is wild), but that’s down 26% year over year since 2021. Much of that success, Krafton says, comes from crossovers like international soccer players and supercare brands.

As for the future, Krafton released The Callisto Protocol later this year. As one of the last major releases of 2022, it’s not hard to assume that high hopes are pinned on the project. Additionally, Krafton announced that it has purchased Neon Giant, developer of The Ascent, along with news that Neon Giant is in the works on an open-world FPS.

There is also the project based on The Bird That Drinks Tears which is still a way out. All future projects combined, coupled with the growing presence that PUBG has in the battle royale genre, it’s safe to say that Krafton is carving out a space that’s set to only grow. That is, if PUBG can maintain its position as a heavyweight in 2022 and these upcoming games make a splash.

What do you think of all this? Have you jumped into PUBG recently? Let us know below! PUBG has its best quarter since 2019 – is it coming back?

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