Prosecutor says Mel Gibson was the first person I “opened up” to about the attack on Harvey Weinstein

A massage therapist broke on the stand on Tuesday as she described how Harvey Weinstein groped and masturbated in front of her after an appointment in 2010 – before offering her a book deal and insisting they were “close friends” after the attack.

“He was trying to normalize what he did to me. He made me feel like making it awkward was weird, like masturbation was something everyone does. Basically humiliating myself like my reaction wasn’t normal,” the woman told the Los Angeles Superior Court jury Wednesday afternoon.

The woman, identified in court as Jane Doe 3, said the attack began after Weinstein’s massage session in his room at the Montage Hotel, when she went to the bathroom to wash her hands. Suddenly, she said, the movie titan barged in naked and began masturbating — even after she told him to get dressed, stressing that “it’s not appropriate.”

“I was shocked. I thought I was about to be raped,” she said while beginning to cry, insisting she begged him to stop several times Wall. Then he started putting his hand under my bra and feeling my breasts.”

After Weinstein ejaculated on the floor, Jane Doe told 3 she asked the disgraced Hollywood producer why: “Why did you do this to me?”

“We’re close friends now, you have full access to me, I want to get you a book deal to write about massage,” Weinstein reportedly replied.

Despite the harrowing incident, Jane Doe 3 said that with Weinstein’s help, she began work on a book on the health benefits of massage. When the book fell apart, she said she was afraid to go to the police about the attack, explaining that she had several “high-end clients” who she feared losing if she was one of the most powerful men Hollywood’s would show.

However, she eventually said she finally opened up about the attack to one of her clients while delivering a message: controversial actor Mel Gibson.

Jane Doe 3 is one of several women who spoke out against Weinstein at his sex crimes trial in Los Angeles. Prosecutors allege that Weinstein sexually assaulted five women – including Jane Doe 5 – between 2003 and 2014 and used his power to influence their silence.

Weinstein, who is already serving a 23-year sentence after being convicted of similar crimes in New York, has pleaded not guilty to nearly a dozen counts.

His defense team has claimed to the jury that the women testifying against Weinstein are lying and that they all had “transactional sex” with the former producer for their own professional gain. During his opening statement, Mark Werksman argued that Weinstein’s relationship with Jane Doe 3 was amicable — noting that she gave Weinstein four massages after the alleged assault.

“She made a deal. Sex for something valuable. Jane Doe 3 and Mr. Weinstein were friends with benefits,” argued Werksman.

But according to Jane Doe 3, she’s been very vocal about Weinstein trying to sexualize her news dates – and left feeling angry and paralyzed after the initial attack.

After the first attack, she admitted on the witness stand that she was “young and naive” and decided not to tell the police – or her fiancé – about the incident. She said about a year after her book failed, she saw Weinstein again for an appointment after he revealed he had hurt his meal.

“I didn’t think it would be a problem for him to sexually abuse me again with an injured leg. I didn’t have my table with me,” she said.

But after the news broke, she said Weinstein asked her if she wanted to continue “being close friends” — which she mistook as his request to masturbate in front of her again. She told the jury that she “went into shock” and tried to bring the situation under control, insisting he could not touch her.

Jane Doe 3 said that he ended up masturbating “about six feet from me…[and] He kept telling me to take care of him.”

“That’s one of the reasons I didn’t want to come forward. Because it’s embarrassing,” she added, noting that she felt “disgusted” afterwards. Jane Doe 3 confirmed that she had a total of four massage sessions with Weinstein.

Finally, she said she finally told Mel Gibson after the actor brought up a film he might be working on with Weinstein.

“I freaked out, I started saying how could you ever want to work with this man, why would you ever want to work with this person? He asked what happened,” said Jane Doe 3. “I was in shock and started crying. He was the first person I finally opened up to about what had happened. I told him he had sexually abused me, but I didn’t want to go into all the details, I was embarrassed and humiliated.”

Gibson asked her if she wanted to report the attack to the police or speak to a lawyer, but Jane Doe 3 said she was initially overwhelmed because “it was the first time I’ve opened my mouth and told anyone about it verbally.” ”

The actor will support the Jane Doe 3 allegations. Weinstein’s attorneys previously announced they plan to question Gibson about his notorious anti-Semitic remarks during an arrest in 2006 and his racist remarks to a girlfriend in 2010.

It took years, Jane Doe 3 said, before she finally revealed her full harrowing experience with Weinstein — and that she felt regret for not coming out sooner.

“I blame myself for not doing more. I blame myself because I just wish I had done more,” she added. Prosecutor says Mel Gibson was the first person I “opened up” to about the attack on Harvey Weinstein

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