Prince Harry’s memoir could spell trouble for King Charles, royal insiders fear

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Concerns about the content of Prince Harry’s memoir are growing within the royal family, with a source telling The Daily Beast that a particular chapter in the book could cause King Charles “big trouble”.

The royal insider told The Daily Beast, “There is one chapter in particular that could spell big trouble for Charles.” However, they didn’t say what revelations the chapter in question contained in detail.

The source said they expect the book to be released on its original schedule, likely before the end of the year. Publisher Random House has not responded to a request for comment on the matter, but its website still says the book is scheduled for release “late” this year.

The palace declined to comment to The Daily Beast on claims about the book or whether the King’s office had seen Harry’s manuscript.

The new rumors swirling about the book are likely to stoke concerns at the palace after another week of intense activity from Harry and Meghan Markle, and as the palace prepares for a brutal media attack, with more Archewell podcasts, a new series of The crown (the new trailer for which was released on Thursday), Meghan and Harry’s Netflix show and Harry’s book, all of which are expected to be released between now and Christmas.

While courtiers are moderately confident about both The crown (The simple “it’s made up” message seems to be catching on domestically, at least) and the Netflix docuseries Meghan has promised will explore the couple’s “love story.” Harry’s book is seen as a different kind of threat.

It is perhaps easy to understand why.

Meghan’s credibility was seriously damaged by comments she made in an interview with The cut, including stating that she was told that her marriage in South Africa was being celebrated as an event of similar importance to the release of Nelson Mandela. In a soft soap interview with diversity published this week, she said her mistake was being too “trusting” of the journalist in question.

your lightweight diversity Interview in which she praised the late Queen Elizabeth and didn’t blast the royals was seen by some as a sign her attacks on the palace may be easing.

“It’s interesting that Meghan has very little of interest to say when she’s not dealing with the royals.”

— friend of the royal family

A family friend source told The Daily Beast: “It’s interesting that Meghan has very little of interest to say other than scolding the royals. There was nothing in there [Variety] Interview that would worry the royals. If that’s the tone the Netflix show is set to take, then I think it could be a lot less of a problem for the family than first thought. The worst could be over.”

Valentine Low, author of Courtiers: The hidden power behind the crown and Royal Editor for London Times, told The Daily Beast: “It was interesting that Meghan was in her diversity Interview was very forgiving. She spoke warmly about the Queen and certainly did not stir up controversy. I think that could be taken as an encouraging sign that they are ultimately moving on and looking to the future.”

But if Meghan has said all she has to say, the perception is that Harry definitely didn’t.

The unconcern with which palace insiders now view Meghan’s attacks stands in stark contrast to the uneasiness still evoked at the prospect of a full-blooded attack on the monarchy by Harry.

Harry, of course, is the ultimate insider, and his first-hand account of his parents’ marriage breakdown will be impossible for the Palace to brush aside with a variation on the Queen’s harsh line following the racism allegations in the Oprah interview that: “Some memories may vary.”

Interestingly, Low told The Daily Beast that he was aware of a meeting between Harry and a private individual (not a palace employee) while Harry was in London. The person in the book gently suggested to Harry that he could spare his family, but Low says, “Harry wasn’t very receptive to the idea.”

It seems likely that the book will explore Harry’s own history of trauma and mental health. Indeed, Harry used a Wednesday night conference appearance (in support of Betterup, the mental health coaching firm for which he works as chief impact officer) to launch a new attack on the British royal family for neglecting his mental health, and said he never heard the word “therapy” when he was a working member of the royal family, which could easily be interpreted as a blow to the monarchy for failing to look after the mental health of him and his wife .

This has long been a source of anger among Harry and Meghan: Meghan told Oprah Winfrey that when she reached out to palace staff for mental health support, she was told to ditch the idea as this is a reflect badly on the facility. She said she had contemplated suicide.

She then said in one of her recent podcasts that it was Harry who put her in touch with a therapist.

Harry told Oprah that it was Meghan who encouraged him to seek therapy, although he previously told journalist Bryony Gordon in a podcast recorded shortly after he met Meghan in 2017 that he was at the urging of friends and other people, including his brother, have undergone therapy. Wilhelm.

As always with the Sussexes, while the details are a bit confusing, the bigger picture is clear: they believe the royal family has shown a reckless disregard for their well-being. They seem to want revenge, but whether the book can really knock Charles out is the big debate now.

Low, for example, is unconvinced that even the despised second son’s fiercest outpourings could seriously impede the monarchy’s overall progress.

“While Harry could certainly make harmful revelations… I don’t think his book will do mortal harm to either the king or the royal family.”

— Valentine Low

He said: “While Harry could certainly make damaging revelations and produce headlines and tropes for days or even weeks to circulate for years to come, I think his book will not cause fatal harm to either the king or the family.” You only have to watch Tampongate, when Charles was recorded having literally the most awkward phone call (with Camilla imagining herself to be her tampon – revealed to the world in 1993) imaginable. He actually survived, he married Camilla and she’s queen now.”

While it’s probably not in Harry’s long-term interest to reveal something so devastating that it would force the king to abdicate (even if he had the receipts), whether the Sussexes like it or not, it is their ability to impress the royals with it strain is their most valuable product.

“Netflix doesn’t care about Meghan’s pursuit of social justice. They just want to know if James Hewitt is Harry’s father.”

— media manager

As a media executive told the Daily Beast: “Netflix doesn’t care about Meghan’s pursuit of social justice. They just want to know if James Hewitt is Harry’s father.”

They may think otherwise, but it’s the Sussexes’ insider knowledge of the secrets of the world’s most powerful family that has secured them the lucrative media deals that now fund their multi-million dollar lifestyle.

How far Harry is willing to go to satisfy his commercial paymasters is the question now keeping some in the palace up at night. Prince Harry’s memoir could spell trouble for King Charles, royal insiders fear

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