PlayStation VR2 has a release date and is more expensive than a PS5

The PSVR2 release date has just been announced, as has the stunning price tag that comes with Sony’s next big step into the world of virtual reality. Coming to both physical and digital storefronts February 23 next year you will have to accept a staggering $549.99 / €599.99 / £529.99 for the product – this is more than a PS5!

For that, you get the PSVR2 headset, Sense controllers, and a pair of stereo headphones. Equipment only, no VR games. However, if you still have more cash stashed away, you can pay 50 more dollars, euros or pounds sterling for the Horizon Call of the Mountain bundle. That gives you everything listed above but with a coupon for the snazzy new VR Horizon game that looks just fine.

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Want to charge that thing up? Thankfully, you can just plug it into your PS5. However, if you really want to spice up your game space, you can drop another 50 buckeroos for a charging station. It all adds up to a pretty expensive piece of kit, doesn’t it? Sure, you don’t need the charging station, but this could be the biggest financial hit to the people of Europe since the financial crisis of 2008, without The Big Short for us either.

Alongside this announcement, some great games have been announced for the platform, including:

  • The Dark Pictures: Switchback VR
  • Crossfire: Sierra Squad
  • The Light Brigade
  • Cities VR – Enhanced Edition
  • Cosmonic High
  • Hello Neighbor: Search and Rescue
  • Jurassic World Aftermath Collection
  • Pistol Whip VR
  • Zenith: The Last City
  • After the fall
  • tentacle

This doesn’t beat any of those games, many of which I’m sure are great, but nothing on this list screams “must have”, certainly not enough to justify the price at a time when we’re all in our pockets looking noticeably emptier than usual. I suppose Horizon is meant to be the big carrot to tempt people, while the Adobe titles are there to remind you once you hit the credits.

As cool as Pistol Whip is, and as spooky as the VR horror that awaits you in The Dark Pictures: Switchback, it seems like a tough sell at this price point. But maybe it’s justified! It’s certainly an expensive piece of kit to produce, and with VR not exactly the industry-leading medium just yet, the relatively niche user base may require a larger buy-in to keep the entire PSVR project viable in the minds of corporate suits and investors at the top.

Either way it’s hard to sell. With pre-orders starting on November 16th, we’ll be watching closely to see if the PSVR2 can attract a sizeable audience despite the cost.

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