Overwatch 2: Mei is the third hero removed from the game due to bugs

blizzard puts, puts, puts mei on hold (thank you). That surveillance 2 The heroine will be disabled and unusable in the game until at least December 15th as the developer is fixing an issue with her Ice Wall ability.

“We’re temporarily disabling Mei to fix a bug with her Ice Wall ability that allows heroes to reach unintended locations,” she says a tweet through the official Blizzard Customer Support account. “We are working to fix these issues as soon as possible and aim to bring Mei back in our next upcoming patch scheduled for November 15th.”

Mei’s Ice Wall is intended to be used to prevent enemies from attacking you, protect Mei and her team from an impending attack, or otherwise take advantage of the mobile cover. However, the geometry of the move has also allowed players to “ride” the wall and reach places that should — at least for now — be out of bounds.

Mei is a popular character, and her understated innocence hides a heroine who has been underhandedly powerful in the game since her introduction in 2016. Pros are equally drawn to her as a leading lady.

Of course, Mei isn’t the first character to be disabled since Overwatch launched, either. We’ve previously seen both Bastion and Torbjorn being removed from the game thanks to exploits that allowed players to abuse their movesets. Oops.

“Only the third hero is deactivated in the first month of the game’s launch,” complains one fan – the top comment in the reddit thread dealing with Mei’s removal. “It’s like the end of Tenacious D when they send the devil back to hell,” says another top comment, which clearly harks back to Mei’s ‘popularity’ with non-Mei leads.

A more snide comment notes “the [same] Error is in Kiriko’s ability, [but Blizzard] however, cannot disable them as there is a skin in the store.” This reflects the fact that the newest hero, Kiriko, can also roam the map unbound, but thanks to the various skins and Battle Pass incentives that bound to character, players think Blizzard will not readily address these issues.

If you’re having trouble monetizing the game – and who doesn’t? – You might want to let Blizzard know about it. Overwatch 2: Mei is the third hero removed from the game due to bugs

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