Overwatch 2 kicks off first Double XP weekend

Blizzard has officially launched the very first surveillance 2 double XP weekend that should help hero shooter fans a lot to complete the Season 1 Battle Pass. When surveillance 2 First launched in Early Access earlier this month, it has been plagued by server disruptions and other technical issues that have kept players from getting into the new game. As an apology to fans, Blizzard has announced plans to host double XP weekend events.

The first surveillance 2 Double XP Weekend is now live and will be available until October 24th at 11:00am PT. The next surveillance 2 Double XP Weekends will take place from October 28th to 31st and November 24th to 28th. In all cases, Double XP Weekends will begin at 11:00 am PT on Friday and end at 11:00 am PT on Monday. That should give surveillance 2 Plenty of time for players to take advantage of the double XP and seriously progress their Battle Passes.


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A common complaint in surveillance 2 Critical critiques and from fans was the game’s slow Battle Pass progression. It wouldn’t normally be a big deal, but the fact that new support hero Kiriko is locked behind the Battle Pass has made it a particularly controversial topic surveillance 2. It takes quite a bit of playtime to unlock Kiriko for those on the free Battle Pass route, while those willing to buy the premium Battle Pass can unlock her right away.

Overwatch 2 Double XP Weekend Dates

  • October 21 – October 24
  • October 28 – October 31
  • November 24th – November 28th

These three double XP weekends will probably only be the beginning of special events in surveillance 2. While these special double XP weekends are meant to balance that out surveillance 2‘s server issues at launch, companies often use them to bring retired players back into the fold and enrich the experience for dedicated fans. It is very likely that the future surveillance 2 Seasons will have its own special double XP weekends, whether or not there are other server issues.

The Double XP weekend from October 28th to 31st for surveillance 2 will primarily keep fans of the hero shooter busy. Not only can fans look forward to double XP this weekend, but the 2022 Halloween Terror Event will also be in full swing. Peculiarities on the surveillance 2 The Halloween Terror event is currently unavailable, but is expected to introduce new skins for players to purchase from the shop, as well as an overhauled Junkenstein’s Revenge PvE experience.

surveillance 2 is now available in Early Access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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