Overwatch 2 fan points out interesting similarity between Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball skin

one surveillance 2 The player has pointed out an intriguing resemblance between the Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball skins, and it could be an intentional decision by Blizzard. With 35 different characters, surveillance 2 includes a variety of skins. While there’s some controversy surrounding how these cosmetics unlock in the sequel, it’s hard to deny that many of them are visually stunning, such as some for Wrecking Ball.

Although Wrecking Ball was one of the later heroes added to the original over watch, it still includes a number of legendary skins. While his Horizon and Lunar skins look impressive along with his various event skins, one fan noticed a particularly interesting detail about another of his legendary outfits, themed around Junkertwon, home to several other heroes.


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In a post on Reddit, a user named SeeOurTea posted an image comparing the standard surveillance 2 Skin for Junker Queen with the legendary Junker skin for Wrecking Ball. In particular, the Reddit user highlighted the similarities between the haircuts of the two heroes. “I like to think that Junkerqueen gave Hammond this haircut,” they said when posting the picture on Reddit. It’s not hard to see the similarities the player was talking about since both characters featured blue mohawks.

While it’s unknown if the developer intentionally made these skins look similar in design, it seems likely based on information about the Wrecking Ball Legendary skin in the store. The skin’s name, Junker, is likely a reference to Junkertown, home of the Junker Queen. This skin for Wrecking Ball could have teased Junker Queen years before the character’s official reveal, too. In addition to the Junker skin, Blizzard released another Legendary called Mayhem, which had a similar design for the tank except with a much more vibrant color palette.

Since SeeOurTea posted the clip on Reddit, many members of the surveillance 2 Community have commented on the intriguing similarities between the designs. With over 2.7k upvotes already, some fans pointed out that the Junker skin for Wrecking Ball was their favorite for the character. Additionally, some said they already believed there was a connection between the skins, with one player noting a poster of Junker Queen in the original over watch helped distract them. “It was a teaser that we just didn’t know we had at the time,” said another user.

It’s nice to see the many unique details that the developer has included in the game for the characters and maps. Along with this interesting resemblance between Junker Queen and Wrecking Ball, fans have discovered other unique Easter Eggs such as: B. Rare hero interactions in surveillance 2 which only take place with certain team compositions. How many players continue to play surveillance 2it will be interesting to see what other discoveries are made in the coming weeks.

surveillance 2 is available in Early Access for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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