Organisation Tips for Office Managers

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, the notion of office organisation may seem like an increasingly outdated concept.

After all, more than 60% of employees in the UK now want to operate according to a so-called “hybrid” working model, while businesses are increasingly open to this across a broad range of industries.

However, this means that employees will still attend the office from time to time, creating the continued need for managers to showcase keen organisational skills. Here are some tips to remember in this respect:

#1. Carry Out an Audit

Over time, even the most organised and orderly office space can become congested and hard to navigate.

From tripping hazards such as wires to discarded computer monitors and printer paper, this can create an oppressive working environment that stifles creativity and impacts negatively on productivity over time.

The answer may lie in carrying out an audit of your office space, as you evaluate the layout to determine whether or not you’re make the use of the space (both in terms of desks and any meeting or collaboration spaces).

Similarly, you can identify unwanted items during this time and carry out a purge of these, freeing up more space that can be used constructively and productively.

#2. Tidy Wires and Invest in Hidden Storage

Given that slips and trips are responsible for more than one-third of all reported major workplace injuries, it makes sense that you should tidy away the excess cables and wires that adorn most office spaces.

There are multiple options here, with trays and other solutions offering neat and hidden storage that can maintain a safe and open working space without compromising the aesthetic of the space.

Such solutions can effectively hold and hide both wires and chargers, while the notion of hidden storage can also extend to other products that create space for items without taking up useful floor or wall space.

#3. Invest in a Good Labeller and Prioritise Corporeal Organisation

Last, but not least, we come to use of a good labeller, which is one of the key, physical tools of organisation within any office space.

With a good and purposeful labeller, you can apply order and meaning to everything, creating neat and accessible homes for everything that needs to be stored in your office.

This means that everything has its proper place and there’s absolutely no need for items to be left to clutter the interior space, while it also ensures that specific items can be found quickly and easily as and when required.

From cable labels to alternative product types, there are numerous options available in this respect, depending on quantity and how you intend to use labels (and on what particular items).

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