Oregon man charged with alleged kidnapping and abuse of 13-year-old Edmonton girl

GRAPHIC WARNING: This article contains graphic details that may be disturbing.

An indictment was filed in a US federal court on Monday charging 41-year-old Noah Madrano of Gladstone, Oregon, with kidnapping and sexually abusing a Canadian child he allegedly met online.

A press release from the US Department of Justice offered more details about an alleged plan to blackmail, kidnap and abuse a 13-year-old Edmonton girl.

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40-year-old man remanded in custody after missing Edmonton teen found in Oregon

On Sept. 20, a federal grand jury in Portland returned an indictment charging Madrano with traveling in interstate or foreign commerce with intent to engage in illegal sexual conduct, sexually exploiting a child, and sexually exploiting a child interstate with the having conveyed intent to engage in criminal sexual activity. and possession of child pornography.

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A charge is a charge of a crime and none of the charges have been proven in court.

Last week, Madrano was ordered by an Oregon state judge to provide the passcode for his cell phone.

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Man charged with kidnapping Edmonton girl ordered by Oregon judge to unlock phone

According to court documents and proceedings, Madrano met online with a child he allegedly sexually exploited for over a year.

He is accused of traveling to Canada to meet the child in person and take him to a hotel room before allegedly sexually abusing and taking him in. He then returned to the United States, according to court documents.

US prosecutors allege that Madrano later returned to Canada, abducted the child outside of her school and took her to another hotel room.

“At the hotel, Madrano had the child dye her hair and wear a hooded sweatshirt to disguise her appearance,” the US attorney’s press release said.

“Madrano abused the child for several days. After a brief return to the US, Madrano returned to Canada again, picked up the child and drove him back to the US in the trunk of his vehicle. Madrano took the child to an Oregon hotel room where he continued to abuse him,” the release said.

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A man accused in a child-baiting case involving an Edmonton girl makes his first court appearance

In the early hours of July 2, officers from the FBI and Oregon City Police Department broke into Madrano’s hotel room and allegedly found him there with the minor.

He was arrested and charged with state and federal charges. The child was taken into protective custody and returned to his parents in Canada.

Madrano made his first appearance in US federal court on Monday. He was charged and pleaded not guilty. A five-day jury trial is scheduled to begin December 13. Madrano remains in custody pending a hearing scheduled for November 2.

“If convicted, Madrano faces a sentence of life in federal prison with a mandatory minimum of 15 years,” the US attorney’s press release said. Oregon man charged with alleged kidnapping and abuse of 13-year-old Edmonton girl

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