OAN’s Dan Ball smokes after another cable carrier shut down the network

An America News anchor Dan Ball lashed out at Frontier Communications Wednesday night after the small cable carrier shut down the flashy MAGA network, telling Frontier the company knows “where to put it.”

In recent months, OAN has navigated an existential crisis and is essentially on life support as the broadcaster lost almost all of its pay-TV subscriptions. Satellite provider DirecTV, which was responsible for the bulk of One America News’ revenue, shut down the network in April. Verizon FIOS, then the largest remaining operator of the clandestine far-right network, followed suit in July.

Earlier this month, Frontier — a troubled telecom company with fewer than 500,000 video subscribers — decided it was done with the Trumpy network, too.

“Effective November 1, 2022, One America News Network (OAN) and A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE) will no longer be available in your lineup,” the company said in a note first flagged by Media Matters Customers . “Our contract is expiring and we have decided not to renew it. These decisions are influenced by customer viewership, program costs and program availability across multiple platforms.”

The day after Frontier dropped OAN from its lineup, Ball stopped airing its OAN program Real America B. by reading aloud a viewer’s email complaining about the cable provider’s decision.

“Can’t believe Frontier really pulled OAN but CNN & MSNBC allowed it,” the email began. “No freedom of expression? We will be canceling frontier service in Bradenton, FL.”

Ball shared with his audience that it was indeed true that Frontier discontinued OAN, and then proceeded to staff the company with other airlines cutting ties with the dishonest channel.

“So that adds up, this year’s tally, from DirecTV to Verizon to Frontier,” he grumbled. “Three major airlines are censoring One America News. You three know where to put it!”

He then responded to the viewer’s question about subscribing to other local options like Spectrum, Cox, or CenturyLink instead, prompting Ball to inform the audience that none of those other three providers offer One America News either.

Instead, Ball suggested the network’s streaming app Klowd TV as a possible option to watch OAN and its sister network AWE, adding that viewers could also stream the channel directly from the One America News website.

“Both apps are about $4.99 per month and you get non-stop live feeds to OAN without any other party involved,” he concluded. “No money for these A-holes at these other providers.”

This isn’t the first time the spirited star has taken to the air to blast a company that no longer does business with OAN. After DirecTV announced it was shutting down the channel earlier this year, Ball urged his audience to “get dirty” on the chairman of AT&T, the satellite TV giant’s majority owner.

As OAN continues to bleed cable subscribers and transmission fees, owner Robert Herring has struggled to increase revenue and expand OAN’s rapidly shrinking television footprint. Aside from begging cable providers to pick up his channel, trying to grow his streaming audience and landing distribution deals with obscure services, OAN is trying to make a comeback via free-to-air television.

Bloomberg reported last month that One America News is now available on so-called “sub-channels” known as “Diginets” in about 30 local television markets across the United States. These sub-channels, split off from local broadcasting networks, are available via TV antennas after the government-mandated conversion to digital broadcasting. According to Nielsen, about 15 percent of households currently use antennas. OAN’s Dan Ball smokes after another cable carrier shut down the network

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