Nintendo is setting up an Indie World showcase for later this week

Time to get your Switch out there Nintendo has announced an Indie World presentation for later this week.

The Indie World Showcase kicks off at 5pm UK time on November 9 and promises “approximately 25 minutes of information on upcoming indie games heading to the Nintendo Switch!” presentation, and no, there definitely won’t be any Smash Bros. reveals obviously.

The last Indie World was in May, the big reveal was Another Crab’s Treasure from developer Aggro Crab, with some other standouts like Ooblets and Cult of the Lamb also showing and some other fun looking titles like We Are OFK and Noir -Punk adventure game Gunbrella by Doinksoft and Devolver Digital

If you’re hoping to see Hollow Knight: Silksong, that’s always possible, but remember it’s quite a big name now, even if it’s an indie one, as seen on Xbox and Bethesda’s Games Showcase in June . So there’s every chance it could appear full-size in a direct.

Outside, who knows! Indie World is always full of surprises, so expect the unexpected and maybe make some time for the little guys if you can.

There’s no word on a full live broadcast at the moment, but the previous one had a lot to show (most of them were farm sims, but I digress). Pikmin 4 has been officially unveiled, which was a nice surprise. Fire Emblem Engage has also been announced, bringing back classic characters like Marth.

Nintendo also recently showed off the first trailer for the Super Mario Bros. movie, which certainly exists and definitely features the voice of Chris Pratt, which is sure to be “unlike anything you’ve heard.” Nintendo is setting up an Indie World showcase for later this week

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