New York fugitive arrested after vacation Fed spots him at Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World calls itself the “most magical place on earth,” but one refugee must have felt cursed when his trip to the resort ended in unbelievable bad luck last month.

Quashon Burton, 31, of New York, has been on the run from the law since November 2021. United States Postal Inspection Service officials tried to arrest him on an alleged identity theft charge that was used to steal about $150,000 in federal COVID credit, but he was. t at his home in Brooklyn. Burton’s mother told officers her son “would not surrender himself,” federal court documents said.

Federal Postal Inspector Jeff Andre, who signed the complaint against Burton, wrote that Burton had developed a “complex web of identities that made his crimes difficult to investigate.” “He has clearly demonstrated the ability to disguise his true identity in order to evade prosecution. He has also shown his willingness to lie about that identity in order to avoid arrest.”

Fast forward to October 20th and Andre is vacationing at Disney World in Florida. At around 3:05 p.m., Andre spotted Burton in the resort’s Animal Kingdom and recognized the fugitive by a distinctive “H” tattooed on his neck.

Andre then alerted the Orange County Sheriff’s Office that a fugitive was in the park. Resort security personnel tailed Burton before a deputy arrived and waited for him with two family members at a bus stop outside of the animal kingdom, the sheriff’s office report said.

“I advised Quashon to speak to him about the possible suspicious activities he was involved in and he asked why he needed to show his ID,” the deputy’s report said. “I later told him he was the subject of a warrant and when I tried to secure him he began to spasm and brace his arms. I told him several times to put his hands behind his back, but he refused.”

The MP says he eventually brought Burton “to the ground” during the arrest. They added that Burton was charged with nonviolently resisting an officer at the encounter. Federal documents also state that Burton visited the park under a false name and refused to acknowledge his true identity, even after fingerprints proved he was Quashon Burton.

He was taken to the Orange County Jail before being placed in federal custody.

On October 27, a Florida Middle Circuit custody hearing ruled that Burton could be released pending pretrial surveillance in New York and subjected to GPS tracking. But New York federal prosecutors rejected the decision, calling Burton “an extreme risk of absconding” who should remain in custody.

On Thursday, Judge Lewis Kaplan of the Southern District of New York ruled that Burton should not be released on bail before his trial. New York fugitive arrested after vacation Fed spots him at Walt Disney World

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