New World breaks record for concurrent players after Brimstone Sands update and Steam sale

New World has surpassed its record for concurrent players, reaching more than 100,000 adventures exploring the world of Aeternum this past weekend. This is thanks in large part to the new Brimstone Sands update as well as a 50% sale on Steam.

Amazon Games’ MMORPG was first launched in September 2021. While it started out with a damn healthy initial player base, the server population began to dwindle over the months. However, it seems like with the big events happening in the game over the past few days, a wave of new players has given the game a second chance.

Not only does this mean they can experience the new content, they may find that some of the rough edges that have been pushing them out over the last few months have been fixed (or at least improved).

You can watch a video explaining everything that has changed here!

If you’re thinking of jumping back in but are rightly concerned that you’ll simply stumble upon a server full of maxed characters, over-inflated markets, and dominating faction imbalances, new servers have also been launched alongside the Brimstone Sands update, allowing you to make a new one Go on adventures with other like-minded players.

Whether New World can maintain this momentum remains to be seen. We’ve already seen how the game can attract a sizable community, only to lose it in the weeks that follow. Last but not least, the immediate future will help determine once and for all whether it was server issues, bugs, or other launch issues that pushed players out, or whether New World’s core gameplay just wasn’t palatable to a large audience.

For what it’s worth, I hope New World manages to keep a sizable community post at Brimstone Sands. The development team has moved on long after many canceled the game, and from content updates they’ve released over the past few months, it’s clear that they were aware of at least a sizable chunk of player issues. Ultimately, healthier MMO games can only be sane for the genre, and it would be a shame if this one fizzled out.

But what do you think? Will you jump in and try New World while it’s on sale? Let us know below if you think the game will maintain this momentum.

For more New World content, we have a rundown of all the new Brimstone Sands content that has been added to the game! New World breaks record for concurrent players after Brimstone Sands update and Steam sale

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