New stories from Fran from the Borderlands could make for a surprisingly fun Vault Hunter

New stories from the BorderlandsThe story is tightly focused on three characters, all of whom become memorable over time. Anu serves as the voice of reason, as she is a fear-ridden scientist with a heart of gold. Desperate for fame, Octavio has an unforgettable sense of humor due to his own stupidity. However, from everyone New stories from the Borderlands Characters, it’s Fran who has the greatest potential to be a playable character in the main series.


New stories from the Borderlands‘ Fran stands out for several reasons. Her traumatic backstory is both funny and sad, her anger issues and sexual nature allow for many light jokes, and her role as a frog shop owner ensures she gets a side of life to show border areas Rarely Documented Universe: Everyday Life. However, her mech chair also gives her a lot of potential as a fighter, leading her to one day become a Vault Hunter.

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Why Fran would work as a vault hunter in Borderlands 4

Similar to Fiona from the original Stories from the Borderlands would make an excellent vault hunter, Fran is a character that could easily transition into a playable character in a gearbox looter shooter. In the endings where Fran survives, she either returns to Fran’s Frogurts or starts a consulting business with Anu and Octavio. Either option would allow her to pursue the path of a vault hunter as she might be motivated to expand her business with any riches she finds in the vaults.

With a motivational kit, it’s easy to think of Fran traditionally border areas Attitude. There is nothing stopping them from swinging border areas‘ Lots of weapons like any other protagonist, with the only difference being how she moves around. Just like in New stories from the Borderlandsshe could move around in her hover chair, which could be upgraded with a boost option to make it move faster.

While Fran hovers around the planets it will occur on borderland 4, she was able to use some upgraded versions of her hover chair’s two main abilities as action abilities. Her Freeze Beam is a perfect action skill option, as she can slow down groups of enemies or target single large targets. Likewise, the big metal fist that she often uses to hit the faulty hardware in her shop would be a fun skill, as players could use the fist to land some powerful melee attacks.

The “Mode Fran Doesn’t Use Anymore” is the perfect action skill as it could essentially be a different take on Moze’s Iron Bear abilities borderland 3. When activated, Fran’s chair could transform into a mech, allowing her to unleash a tornado among other attacks. With so much versatility in terms of potential skill trees and abilities, Fran could make an excellent and unique Vault Hunter.

Finally, it’s worth noting how fun it would be to see Fran interact with ICONIC border areas Characters. Given her flirtatious nature, a conversation with Mad Moxxi would certainly be hilarious, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. For example, it would be great to see her talk to another character like Salvador, who is also known for outbursts of anger, possibly forming a bond between the Gunzerker and the Froyo Queen. Her general answers to quest givers and her regular comments during battles would certainly be a tidbit as well. While Anu and Octavio can easily be imagined as supporting characters taking on a Rhys-like role in the mainline games, there’s far more that can be done with Fran if Gearbox is interested.

New stories from the Borderlands is now available for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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