Nancy Pelosi says Jan. 6 Capitol Riot and attack on husband Paul are “absolutely” connected

In an interview Monday with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said there was “absolutely” a link between the Jan. 6 rioters’ menacing dialogue and the attack on her husband late last month, allegedly by one right-wing conspiracy theorists.

Cooper began by quoting President Joe Biden, who said shortly after the attack on Paul Pelosi that “it has been reported that this guy that they have in custody used the same chant used on January 6th in the attack on.” the US Capitol was used”. 42-year-old suspect David DePape is said to have shouted “Where’s Nancy?” after breaking into the Pelosis’ home in San Francisco.

“Are you drawing the same line?” asked the CNN host.

“Absolutely. No question. It’s the same,” the Speaker of the House retorted firmly.

“Copycats – whatever they are – inflamed by the same misrepresentation. But the fact of the matter is, now is the time to heal,” she added. “We want the country to be healthy. This is no way we can go any further. And we want people to run for office – locally in every way – and you can’t tell them that you’re risking the safety of your families if you keep going. There are no security guarantees.”

Cooper asked Pelosi about the likelihood of a similar attack happening in the future, given the misinformation and heated rhetoric from some right-wing figures.

“Well, you would think there would be some level of responsibility, but you see what the reaction is on the other side — making a joke out of it, and that’s really traumatizing too,” Pelosi replied, recalling, as Rep. Claudia Tenney (R-NY) mocked the attack in a now-deleted tweet. “That has to stop.”

Cooper then asked Pelosi if she had words for former President Donald Trump and new Twitter owner Elon Musk, both of whom have traded misinformation about the attack.

“It’s really sad for the country,” Pelosi said after a long pause. “It’s really sad for the country that people of such high visibility are so blatantly separating themselves from the facts and the truth. It’s really sad and it’s traumatizing for those affected. They obviously don’t care.” Pelosi then added that “there would be no common ground to talk about it.”

Cooper then asked if there was “enough common ground” among Americans to come together, adding that “people on all sides would agree that this doesn’t seem sustainable.”

Pelosi replied that it was, but backed down on how Cooper put it.

“I wouldn’t say ‘on all sides’ because the fact is this is a unilateral attack on our democracy – an attack on the credibility and integrity of our elections and the rest,” she said. “There has to be some adult oversight on the Republican side to say ‘enough’.” Nancy Pelosi says Jan. 6 Capitol Riot and attack on husband Paul are “absolutely” connected

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