Modern Warfare 2: Backpack Guy Trophy/Achievement Guide

Featuring the latest from Activision call of Duty Game, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, players must complete several difficult trophies/achievements. And while most players don’t care about these trophies, some trophy/achievement hunters will do whatever it takes to get their hands on them. How to complete it Get the Backpack Guy Trophy/Achievement from Mission 14: Prison Break.

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Tips on how to complete this trophy/achievements

As always, players should play on Recruit difficulty for Trophy/Achievement Hunts as this will make the task easier to complete and leave a lot of room for error. The main objective of this trophy/achievement is to kill gassed/blinded enemies with a Semtex, Molotov and Frag (players can switch their lethal/tactical mode by using the backpack, which is a nod to the upcoming game mode DMZ). It doesn’t all have to be together, but players must do it before they reach the point where the player meets Captain Price.


Certain points in the mission have a lot of enemies (like the canteen) so players can wait until reaching those areas to try to complete that trophy/achievement. Some Playstation players had problems completing this trophy, especially when restarting from the checkpoint. So it’s best to complete them in one life (not restart from the checkpoint). This guide will cover a few areas that are ideal for killing gassed/blinded enemies with the lethal gear indicated.

Upon entering the prison quarters

Upon entering the area where the prison blocks are located, players will encounter at least 5 enemies on the first floor. This is a good place to gas or blind them since it’s a small area. Once the player sees the enemies coughing/disoriented they should use a Molotov/Semtex/Frag. If done correctly, players can only complete the entire trophy/achievement in this starting area.

Hallway before reaching the imprisoned Los Vaqueros

After freeing Alejandro, players must make their way to the other Los Vaqueros. But before they can free them, players must fight multiple enemies, including some with Riot Shields. This area is another good place to grab the trophy/achievement or at least check off one of the deadly gears that players have to use. Additionally, if players manage to get the trophy/achievement at this point, they can grab a Riot Shield to complete the one wall of duty Trophy/Achievement (kill three enemies with a Riot Shield).

The mess hall

The Mess Hall is perhaps the best area to complete this backpack type Trophy/Achievement as it’s full of enemies. Players must act quickly as by now the player has several allies on his side who can eliminate enemies. After this point, there will be a lot of armored units (which are among the hardest enemies to defeat), so players should try to get this trophy/achievement before exiting the canteen.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 is currently available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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