McDonald’s offers the McCrispy gaming chair, complete with a fries holder and burger warmer

McDonald’s is certainly no stranger to crazy collaborations. We’ve seen the fast-food chain put together themed dishes for several stars, including BTS and Saweetie, and more recently Mcdonald’s has even partnered with Overwatch 2 to give away the Lightning Tracer skin.

If you’re more of a Burger King fan… have you tried Modern Warfare 2 yet? It recently had its own fast food collaboration

It appears that McDonald’s has found a market of players to enter, and as a result, the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair is born. Now I joke about McDonald’s appealing to gamers because let’s face it, we all order from McDonald’s more regularly than we often like to think.

Sometimes you’re in a rush and just don’t have time to stop and prepare food; You have more victories to secure. This is where not only McDonald’s comes into play, but also the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair. The chair itself houses a number of features to make your McDonald’s x Gaming experience perfect.

The McCrispy chair features a holder for fries and dips, a drink holder, a hotbox to keep your burger warm during gameplay, an integrated napkin holder with reusable napkins, stain-resistant leather, and modular armrests.

If you enjoy regularly eating fries or burgers while sitting at your desk, this chair was basically designed for you. Definitely a thing of the past, worrying about your burger getting cold or worrying about barbecue sauce soiling your stool.

Now how do you get the chair? Don’t worry as you won’t have to break the bank for this. In fact, there’s a greater chance you won’t be able to get the chair considering there are only four in the world.

That means if you want the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair, you can try your odds. McDonald’s UK Facebook page is currently hosting the giveaway in their pinned sweepstakes post. The closing date for entries is November 13 at 23:59 GMT. And as always, you must be at least 18 years old to enter.

Will you try your luck at winning the McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair? Much luck! McDonald’s offers the McCrispy gaming chair, complete with a fries holder and burger warmer

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